Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 3 Check-In

Man, I'm really not doing too well with this challenge. I started it over a month ago and I'm only 12 tasks in. That's not even halfway! But, I am still trucking along with it and my house is getting cleaner, just slower than anticipated.

I'm kind of secretly hoping that if anyone else is joining me in the spring cleaning challenge, that you are doing as badly as me. Misery likes company right?

Despite how slow I am going, I am proud of the progress I have made. This past week I was able to cross off two major things and I am feeling good about it.

I finally finished my kitchen, which has been on my to do list for 4 months at least, probably more. I may have done a small victory dance afterwards.

7. Wipe down walls and wash garbage can. Check.
8. Clean stove top, kitchen surface areas and floor. Check.

Ignore the clutter in the above picture. I forgot to take a picture right after I had finished cleaning it all so I just snapped one this morning. Although this picture is the most realistic, since this is what my kitchen looks like more often than not.

The other great accomplishment of the week was cleaning the bathroom! I really didn't feel like doing it but I forced myself to get started. There may have been a reward of some Friends episodes and chocolate if I completed it...

11. Clean shower, tub, shower curtains and walls. Check.
12. Clean toilet, bathroom surface areas, mirror and floor. Check.

I love the feeling of a clean bathroom! It just feels so nice to walk in and see everything so nice. Too bad it rarely lasts more than an hour. Oh well, at least the whole thing got a good scrubbing.

Alright, now that I'm mostly back to my normal life routine, I am going to try my hardest to get five tasks completed this week. Which would be awesome because the next five tasks will thoroughly clean my bedroom!

13. Clean mirrors, windows, blinds and curtains.
14. Organize closet and drawers and declutter.
15. Deep-clean mattress and wash pillows, linen and comforter.
16. Vacuum, mop or sweep floor; clean under furniture.
17. Clean furniture, walls and fixtures.

Is anyone else still cleaning along with me? Or am I the only one? If so, who cares, at least my house is getting cleaned!


  1. Way to go! :) I am slowly doing a task or two...

  2. I haven't beenm exactly following along, but I've been trying to clean up around the needs a thorough deep cleaning, but I'm too lazy.
    However, I did clean up the kitchen, I went through all the expired food in my refrigerator, wiped down/disinfected the shelves and organized the remaining food (it was a sad looking refrigerator after that). Our trash comes on Monday, so my plan for this Sunday is to organize the pantry, and the cabinet under the sink which is where I keep my cleaning supplies, but that's going to change.

  3. Not cleaning, but doing a list of things in the garden. Finally got the first two big things done today -giving away rhubarb (takes forever to dig), and transplanting the raspberries.

  4. Jackie - As long as you keep doing tasks, that's awesome!

    Christina - Deep cleaning takes so long, so I totally understand your hesitation to do it. But great job on going through your fridge, that's a step in the right direction! Good luck with pantry clean.

    Furry Gnome - Outdoor work is never done. Lucky to whoever got your rhubarb! Our raspberries are looking better each year, so we're hoping that we will eventually get a decent crop out of them.

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