Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 4 Check-In

I'm back for another Spring cleaning check-in. But once again, I didn't get much done. I had good intentions, really I did, but with the strep throat and recovering from that, I didn't even complete five tasks. In fact, I only completed two.

15. Deep-clean mattress, and wash pillows, linen and comforter.  Check.

16. Vacuum, mop, or sweep floor; clean under furniture. Check.

But I didn't get a picture of that, since I was too busy vacuuming and moving furniture. So just imagine the bed pulled out and me gagging at the amount of dog hair that accumulates under the bed.

That's it for my deep cleaning this week. Sigh, maybe next week will be better. I am determined to at least finish our bedroom though.

13. Clean mirrors, windows, blinds and curtains.
14. Organize closet and drawers and declutter.
17. Clean furniture, walls and fixtures.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and I shall be back next week with some posts on chicks, a book review and more memories!


  1. Good for you for getting even that much done. It is fascinating how much dust and dander can accumulate!

  2. Congratulations! You're still doing it. My attention has shifted to the garden and there's not much getting done inside. At least slowly but surely you're still making progress. How many of the rest of us can claim to have deep cleaned our pillows, mattress, comforters? Hang in there! Don't be too hard on yourself.Whatever gets done, gets done and you can feel good about that. Enjoy that clean bedding with the clean space under the bed!:)

  3. Jackie - Thanks, I was feeling really bad for barely denting the list this week. But then again, considering how I've felt, I didn't do too bad.

    Ellie - Very true, I am still doing it. Thank you for that reminder. And I did enjoy that clean bed, there is nothing quite as nice as slipping into freshly washed sheets that have then been dried on the line.