Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cute as a Button

Last weekend I went thrift store shopping and came home with some cute new clothes. One of said cute new clothes was a sweater that I just couldn't pass up. It was $6.99 and the perfect sweater for summer, not to mention adorable on me. The only problem was, half of the buttons on it were broken.

But broken buttons aren't going to stop me! Yesterday I pulled out my button collection and got to work.

Fortunately I was able to find six new buttons amidst this mess that actually matched the sweater.

Once the buttons were found and matched, I pulled out my sewing kit and found some matching thread. I was actually pretty surprised at how smoothly it all went, considering my options for buttons and thread are pretty minimal.

In my head, sewing on six buttons wasn't going to take more than a few minutes. In actuality, it probably took over an hour. This may also have something to do with my inexperience sewing on buttons and the needle that snapped in half right in the middle of one button.

But all the work was totally worth it. This sweater is adorable, whether it's on or off me and was totally worth the money and effort put into it.

Don't the new buttons look great? You would never guess that they didn't come with the sweater. Now I can look cute all day long, wearing my new striped sweater.

Has anyone else been fixing anything lately? Sewn on buttons? Hemmed some pants? Or have you been purchasing all your clothes in good condition, unlike me? I normally do, but when it came to this sweater, I couldn't resist it, despite the broken buttons.


  1. I frequently get clothes from thrift stores that either need some TLC or basic tailoring.
    And then they sit in a basket in my room for months, sometimes years, before getting what they need. lol
    The sweater is adorable on you!

  2. That sweater is very cute! If most of the buttons were broken, I think it should have been cheaper than 7$ though...just sayin'. Way to go fixing it up though! And just so you know, your button and thread collection is a lot better than mine! ;)

  3. Yay for fixing "broken" clothes! :) I changed a button place on one of my shirts lately, because the bottom button was broken (showing too much cleavage). And I am usually like Kate, leaving "to mend" clothes unmend for years... terrible, really!!

  4. Kate - I do that all the time! I have a pile of clothes in some closet that need fixing and I've never gotten around to it yet. But this sweater was new and I forced myself to fix it up before I forgot.

    Jackie - I know I should have gotten it cheaper and I even asked if I could get a discount for it. They gave me 10% off, which totaled $0.69. Oh well, I liked it enough to pay for it. Oh and my button collection only got that cool in the last few months, it used to be horrible before.

    Cora - Good for you for fixing up that shirt! Although I'm horrified that you have a unmended clothes lying around, you who used to be such a seamstress. I have a dress to prove it! :P

  5. I definitely declare you cute as a button! I have a massive button collection, so, if you ever need odd ones for another project, I'd be happy to take pictures and send them your way!

  6. Tory - I figured you must have a pretty impressive button collection since you made that little whale with only blue buttons! Thanks for the offer to share, I'll keep that in mind.