Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Guest Post: Travel Tips

So a little while ago Jenn invited me to write a blog post about traveling for work. I have never written a blog before but I am an avid reader of Jenn’s blog and so I am honored to be here with you all.

Firstly I am sure you are all intrigued to know how Jenn and I know each other. I am lucky enough to be engaged to Paul who is Jenn’s cousin. Jenn and I met at a New Year party her and Dan were having at their house this last year. Since then Jenn and I have remained in contact as we have some similar interests.

Anyway, I travel a lot for my job, I am probably away at least 50% if not 70% of my time at the moment. With this amount of travel I have somewhat perfected (well for me!) the way I travel and how to deal with the airports etc. I would like to share with you some of the tips I have picked up along the way…

Usually I am away for at least one week; this means that I will always check a bag. I find with a checked bag there is a lot less to deal with when you go through security. It generally alleviates the stress of having to sort out your liquids etc., even if you have to pay for the bag I still think it is worth it.

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I roll my clothes when I am packing them up. I think there are various methods to stop them from creasing and to save as much space. Rolling them is the way forward!

I always have a toiletry bag made up ready for travel; it means I don’t have to think about it whilst packing. It usually means I have duplicates around the house but for me that is easier than having to worry about it at the last minute. I always take full size shampoo and conditioner etc., I am not a fan of the hotel options as they are usually rather cheap and don’t make my hair or skin feel good.

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I have a handy weigh scale that I always use. You do not want to be that person that is sitting on the airport floor trying to balance out bags. Make sure you know the limit with your airline and don’t go over it. (Side note: I am from England so when I go back for a visit there is always a massive amount to take with me and bring back. I always pay for an extra suitcase which usually gives me another 23kg (depending on the airline); it costs about $50 so it is a lot cheaper than excess baggage or postage of those items at a later date)

The Airport
I always aim to get to the airport about 2 hours before the flight is due to leave. For some this may feel like too much time but remember you have to park the car, find the correct check in desk, give in your luggage and go through security. At this point I have no desire to run through the airport to try and catch my flight. I also like to be able to grab a drink or a bite to eat depending on the time of day. 

I always check in online the day before my flight is due to leave. I find this is usually the most secure way you have to be able to make sure you don’t get bumped from the flight. I never print out all the boarding passes and tickets though, I find it is easier to print them at the airport because within those 24 hours things change with the flights e.g. gate number.

Always locate the gate that your flight is leaving from once you have crossed through security. It is fun to do a bit of shopping or grab some food but sometimes your gate can be a 10 minute walk away from where you are. Again, running is not one of my strong suits so I prefer to make the casual walk to the gate in plenty of time.

The Flight
Flying is not necessarily one of my favourite things, I often feel a little queasy at times but I have some tips that I have worked out over the time that make me feel ‘better’:
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  • Have a bottle of water available (I always take an empty bottle through security and then fill it at the water fountains as I refuse to pay over the odds for water
  • Have some mints or candy that can help prevent your ears from popping when you take off and land
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  • Have headphones with you, several of the airlines will offer movies but a lot of them charge you to buy headphones
  • If the flight is more than a couple of hours have some food with you so you don’t end up buying the over-priced, junk food on the plane
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  • Have a neck pillow for when you feel like having a little snooze. Only buy the ones with beans in and not the blow up ones as they are incredibly uncomfortable

Take your time at the other airport; locate the rental car centre or the local transit or the taxi rank and make sure you arrive safely at your intended destination.

Remember your mobile phone is likely to cost a fortune in another country, either add on a package with your provider before you leave or turn off roaming in your settings.

I hope I haven’t bored you all with my tips for travel, I hope some of them come in handy for the next time you are taking a flight away.

Thanks, Jenny



  1. Those are helpful tips! Thanks Jenny and Jennie :)
    I can attest to the discomfort of a blow up neck pillow and the stress of running to catch a flight...it is much better to be organized and relaxed when traveling!

  2. Jackie - I'm happy you enjoyed the post. Hopefully you learned some stuff you didn't know yet, especially with you guys flying so soon. Although you definitely have your share of experience traveling, so you probably knew most of it!