Monday, June 16, 2014

Memory Monday - Homeschooling

I thought I would share today some memories I have from being homeschooled. My three oldest siblings all started out in the public school system but due to some stuff that came up, were brought home by my Mom to be taught by her. So by the time Cora and I were old enough for school, we just started at home.

We made a bigger deal out of it than some homeschooling families by naming our school, dressing in uniforms, and walking to school (which was just walking up to our grandparents house and back). It made it seem more real for us and added an element of fun to it. I'm also pretty sure our grandparents loved seeing us every day looking so cute!

We used a curriculum that Mom bought from the States and we worked our way through the grades, with Mom guiding us along. She really was a great teacher, especially when it came to hands on learning. I remember once when our dog had killed a groundhog and brought it back to the farm, Mom took it as an opportunity to show us what the insides look like. She dissected it right there in front of us! She also had extreme patience with us all. I could never have taught five kids at once, all at different grade levels.

We each had our own desk and worked hard in the "school room". In our younger years, Mom would stay right there with us so she could help us when we needed it. As we got older and more independent, she would wander about doing household chores and we would go find her when we had a question. It worked well for us all.

When we reached grade 10, it was time to enter the public school system again. It was easier to finish off high school in the public system and get a diploma from them than try to graduate at home. It also made it easier to apply and get into cegep and universities. So each kid went off to "real school" while the rest of us kept trucking along at home.

Finally, it was just Cora and I left. It was different when it was just us two, but it was this time that I remember the most from my home schooling days. We would work quietly together in the school room and make up schedules to get through each course on time.

Cora was always more motivated than me and would finish her work each day before me. Consequently, this usually meant she finished the whole year before me too. I remember one year when she was feeling especially motivated, she worked hard and finished her entire school year by April. I worked until July that year.

Cora changed things up a bit by entering a private French school when she came to grade 10, instead of attending the public English high school. I followed suit, but joined a year earlier than my siblings all did by starting in grade 9. Staying at home by myself just wasn't working out for me and I wanted to give myself more time to learn French. While attending a French private school definitely had it's challenges, I graduated from there in 2006 and to this day, it is one of my proudest accomplishments.

I loved being homeschooled and am so glad that Mom took so much time out of her life to teach us at home. While there were obviously more challenging times, looking back I wouldn't trade it for anything. It helped me turn into the person I am today.


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  1. Ahhh... the good ol' days! :)

  2. Homeschooling is such a unique experience, and I really know very little about it. Thanks for sharing a peek into your world--it definitely seems like you appreciate all your mom did!

  3. Cora - It does bring back some nice memories, doesn't it?

    Tory - Every homeschooling story is quite different, as everyone does it a little differently. If you ever want to know more, just ask!

    Furry Gnome - Thanks!