Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outdoor To Do List - 2014 Update

We are constantly adding to and working on our outdoor to do list, so I'm not sure if it will ever actually be completed. But this is our progress to date.

Outdoor To Do List 2013-2014 (and maybe even 2015?)
  • Build split rail fence along property line in front yard Completed July 2013, the full story can be found here
  • Plant hedge along property line in backyard Completed April 2013, to read more about it, click here
  • Prune apple trees
  • Revamp flower gardens
  • Rebury white siding in front flower garden Completed May 2013
  • Paint gable end Completed August 2013
  • Wash front porch Completed May 2014
  • Sand & repaint front porch railings This one was completed just last week, see more details here
  • Wash siding on East side of house Completed May 2014
  • Rebuild stone entryway on East side of house
  • Expand back deck
  • Plant new shade tree
  • Expand garden May 2013 & 2014
  • Build chicken coop in lean-to on back of garage Completed May 2013, click here, here, here and here for details
  • Rebuild hen house Completed May 2013, click here and here for pics
  • Plant blueberries Completed April 2013, click here for more info
  • Plant raspberries Completed May 2013, click here to read more
  • Level backyard
  • Make gutter herb garden Completed May 2013
  • Make rain barrel
  • Buy or make front porch swing
  • Plant rhubarb Completed April 2013, click here to see pics
  • Plant crabapple tree
  • Sand and re-stain picnic table
Anyone else make lists like this? I love lists. :)


  1. I make lists - entirely in my head, so things get added and then forgotten... lol

  2. I'm working slowly on my list. I see a lot of 'completed' tasks on yours!

  3. Kate - You really should write something down. :P It makes you feel better when things are able to be crossed off!

    Furry Gnome - To do lists always take longer than I think they will, but at least I'm still making progress.