Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Simple Pleasures - June 2014

I'm a little late doing these this month, time just slipped away from me. But I still thought you would like to see what has been making me smile lately.

My new found love, dairy-free ice cream

I *may* be hooked on Harry Potter lately

The lilies are starting to bloom

We are going to have blueberries this year!

I'm loving all the daisies everywhere

Our second batch of beans are coming up

The sky the other night as I drove home

The BEST gluten-free bread ever and I found a place that sells it here!
I tried to do better this month with not only choosing food, but I ended up with a lot of nature pictures instead. Oh well. Food and beauty, that's what I love!

What has made you smile lately?


  1. Looks like Mia likes the bread too!

  2. Jackie - Isn't that picture of Mia great? I love it. :D