Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watch My Garden Grow

I can't believe we're already over half way through June and another summer is upon us. Time is going by too quickly. But one of the best parts of summer is my vegetable garden and watching it grow. So now that summer 2014 has arrived, I thought it was high time I shared some garden pictures!

At this point in the game, it's almost impossible to stay on top of the weeds. They grow too fast, especially with all this rain we've been having. But at least you can now differentiate between weeds and veggies.

The other problem with weeding is the mosquitoes and heat. Either it's so hot out you are melting to death or the mosquitoes are eating you alive. And lately it's been raining so much there isn't much time to spend in the garden. So them weeds are getting out of hand again!

Fortunately though, the right things are still growing and my vegetables are making good progress. The ones that came up the first try that is.

We had to replant beans, zucchini, cucumber and some carrots. Some carrots and cucumber came up but not enough, so now we wait and see if the next batch does better.

Everything else came up really well though, so that was encouraging. Other than what's pictured or not growing yet, we have lettuce, onions, peppers and an herb garden.

I'm hoping for a good growing season and a good harvest this year. Anyone else have a veggie garden? Or an herb garden? Anyone don't but wish they did? Anyone do but wish they didn't?


  1. Depending on how far apart your rows are, a quick way to pare down the weeds is to run a small tiller between rows. We leave 2 feet between rows for this purpose. That only leaves the weeds that are in the row themselves and thick layer of mulch takes care of those.

  2. Our garden is doing well too. My advice is to mulch mulch mulch! "Mulch is a gardiner's friend." The cheapest I've ever found is mulched leaves from the neighbours. Put on in the fall it lasts well into the next summer, and it was free. We've also used straw - but be sure to get straw bales not hay bales which are full of weed seeds. I've also bought shredded bark mulch (by the trailer load in bulk, not in a bag at the hardware store). With thick mulch we can weed the veggies garden in15 minutes.

  3. Roxanne - Our rows are not big enough for a tiller and we also don't own one. But I agree that it definitely helps with the weeding! I remember that is what me parents did and it made the garden seem a bit smaller to weed.

    Furry Gnome - I've heard that mulch is the way to go when it comes to gardening. I guess I never think of it because my parents never used it. If you put it on in the fall, when do you till your garden?