Monday, July 21, 2014


I love berries and this time of the year is one of my favourite because of the abundance of fresh berries. Everywhere you look, grocery stores, farmers markets, friends fridges, there are berries. Yummy!

Last year we picked enough strawberries to last us an eternity. Maybe not quite that long but we picked eight 4-litre baskets and felt slightly overwhelmed by the amount of berries we had to deal with. Not to mention we still have a ton in the freezer. So this year, we wanted to stay a little more controlled when it came to strawberry picking.

Unfortunately we went later in the season so the picking wasn't that great and it took a lot more effort to fill our baskets. But after about 45 minutes, we had filled four 4-litre baskets and decided to call it a day.

We were pretty pleased with our haul and once we were home, we got straight to work dealing with them.

We froze a bunch of them, made jam and ate a lot fresh. Oh and I'm pleased to announce that this years jam actually set! I was pretty thrilled since we are still working on getting through our "strawberry sauce" from last year.

Once we worked our way through the fresh strawberries, it was just about time for raspberry picking. I was determined to get out to the raspberry fields this year since I missed picking last year, having just sprained my ankle. So last weekend Dan and I made our way to a cute little farm where we enjoyed half an hour of happy picking.

We happily returned home with our four small baskets and felt relieved that we hadn't missed the season again. Raspberries are my favourite berry and I desperately needed to have some on hand for munching.

I'm even going to attempt making some jam! I've never tried making raspberry jam before but since it's my favourite kind of jam, I thought it was worth one try. So hopefully this morning's endeavors pay off. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we're just happily working through the rest of the berries fresh. I've been eating them by the handful or on cereal, while Dan is enjoying them on ice cream. Nothing beats fresh berries. Now to wait until blueberry season is here...

Anyone else get out picking this year? If not, are you at least buying some to enjoy while they're in season? What's you're favourite berry?


  1. mmm I love berries but a lack of car makes picking them difficult. I did pick up about a billion strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and cherries last week and made a giant berry salad, which mysteriously disappeared over the course of the weekend

  2. Casey - Yes, I could see how no car would put a damper on driving to berry fields. But I'm glad that you did still buy a bunch of delicious fruit and devoured it wholeheartedly. :D

  3. NICE! We still have strawberries from last year. Lots of raspberries growing around my yard but they are slow to ripen.
    Do you happen to know the name of the big garlic farm around Ballieboro? I remember buying garlic from them at the P. farmers market last year but I've been having trouble getting to town on a saturday lately.

  4. Karen - We have raspberry plants in our yard too but they're pretty new and only produce about 5 berries a years, so I need to pick elsewhere. I'm not familiar with any garlic farms around Bailieboro. The only garlic farm that I can think of is Gaelic Garlic and I know they are usually at the Ptbo farmers market, I'm just not sure where they are located.

  5. I love berries too! In fact I just scarfed down half a pint of blueberries :)

  6. Berries are my favourite fruit too, especially raspberries for just eating. I've planted two rows out back, so hoping they do well! We made our strawberry jam two weeks ago, but my favourite jam has to wait for the black currants. Last year I was the happy recipient of five jars of 'four-berry' jam - black currant, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry! Best jam ever!

  7. Jackie - Did you end up figuring out a way to pick the blueberries with Mikey? Or did you buy the ones you just scarfed down?

    Furry Gnome - Hopefully your raspberry plants do well! We only have 4 small plants but I'm hoping they'll keep reproducing. We really have to look into how to care for them better. And that jam sounds amazing! I love mixed berry jams. :)

  8. Thanks Jenn, that IS the place I was looking for! I've been having a senior spell and couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I'm going to try to get by their farm next time I'm through town. I've used their garlic for planting for a few years now.