Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hanging Some Art

When we first moved into our house, it was all of a sudden very overwhelming trying to fill up all the empty space. We didn't have enough furniture and we didn't have enough pictures to hang. There were a lot of empty walls and they drove me nuts.

Thankfully, my sister Stacey lent me some of her art to put up in the office and it has spent the last three years hanging happily on the main wall.

For the last little while though, I have been itching to change up the office a bit. In an effort to do so, I sorted, got rid of and organized a bunch of stuff n there earlier this month. In fact, that shelf to the left of the couch is on its way out, hence the emptiness of it.

I actually would really love to repaint this room, since I'm getting sick of the minty green colour that was originally chosen for the previous owners nursery, but I'm too cheap and lazy to do so right now so I'm just opting for some minor makeovers. Like this wall. So down came the pictures.

Sadly, the super sticky poster stuff I used to hang them didn't come off all that well so I was left with some peeled paint where two of the pictures had been hung.

Once I finished taking off the sticky mess, sanded down the wall a bit and repainted, you never would have known anything had been hanging there.

Now here is the part of the project where I stopped taking pictures. We were in the middle of making supper while trying to get the hooks into the wall and I just kept running in and out while Dan was doing the manual labour. So imagine Dan putting hooks into the wall.

Once the hooks were in, the string was hung and pictures were pinned up for a finished product that looked like this!

I hung up some of the kids (my nephew and nieces) art that they had given us previously and they were thrilled with it! Here they are, all standing underneath the art they did.

I'm pretty excited about my new office decor and smile every time I walk into the room. The awesome part of about it is I can change out the art whenever I feel like it. I have a whole pile of more pictures that the kids did and once I've rotated through all of those, I can switch to photographs or something. Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

Here are some close ups of some of the pictures.

It was a fun quick project to do and I'm really happy with the finished results.

Anyone else working on any projects lately? I have another one to share with you on Friday and I can't wait!


  1. so cute!! such a good idea! (we've been in our house almost three years, there are STILL some blank walls... =P)

  2. Seriously. Arissa is Stacey's mini-me! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  3. Jackie - I knew you'd like it. :)

    Kate - You should get to hanging things! I HATE blank walls and had mine all taken care of within the first few months of living here. I'm just now slowly replacing some things with things I like better.

    Vicky - Arissa does look a lot like Stacey. :P