Thursday, July 10, 2014

Party Food!

Last week, I hosted a Thirty-One party at my house and was responsible for the food part of the evening. At first, I thought of doing a fruit platter and then either buying or making some baked goods for everyone who would be attending who could eat gluten, dairy and corn. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to only serve foods that I could eat too. The party was at my house and I was able to do whatever I wanted with the food!

So I sat down and tried to come up with some good ideas for munching that would suit everyone's tastes as well as my diet restrictions. Oh and that didn't involve an oven since it was 80 degrees in my house last week.

I finally decided on a fruit platter, a veggie platter, chips and sorbet. And since I knew that we would be stuck with the leftovers, I only bought stuff I liked.

The fruit platter had pineapple, grapes, cherries, strawberries and apples.

The veggie platter had carrots, cucumbers, peppers, celery and grape tomatoes, with two different kinds of hummus to dip with.

I just bought regular chips since that's all I can eat, but I chose the Kettle Brand Sea Salt crinkle cut ones, which are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously, super good.

Oh, and every summer party needs lemonade to drink. And if the lemonade is served with a little umbrella, even better.

The idea to use these fabulous umbrellas was from my cute little napkins I found in my supply drawer. Aren't they perfect?

In case you can't read them, they say, "Life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink". So I listened to them and pulled out the little umbrellas.

It was a lot of fun to use my party dishes that I rarely get to use, since I don't hold many parties. Maybe I should hold more parties...

I think that everyone enjoyed the party and the food. I felt pretty proud of myself for supplying a nice summer menu that was allergy friendly and tasty.

Anyone else holding any parties? What is your go to menu item when you have friends over? And because I'm curious, what's your favourite chip?


  1. Love the umbrellas! My favourite chips are kettle chips and Pirate's Booty.:)

  2. Jackie - I don't think we have Pirate's Booty chips here. And you can never go wrong with kettle chips. :D