Thursday, July 31, 2014

Simple Pleasures - July 2014

I very nearly forgot to do my Simple Pleasures this month. I mean, today is the last day of July so I really am cutting it close. But I did spend the last week looking around and finding small things that made my life a little happier and I'm sharing them with you today.

I now own the complete series of Friends!

The sky

New pottery bowl from a friend (with delicious cherries!)

Mia, my favourite black lab

Evening canoe ride when up visiting Dan's parents

Geocaching date with Dan

My new Fisher Price farm set
What are you thankful for this month? Any small things bring you a smile? Please share, I love spreading the cheer.


  1. I'm thankful for my son's smile, showers, and the sweet lady who had flowers arranged in bouquets for free outside her house. :)

  2. Hey, do you do geocaching too? I especially enjoy earthcaches. Enjoy a bit of canoeing too.

  3. Jackie - Those are some pretty good things to be thankful for. And what a sweet lady, giving away bouquets of flowers!

    Furry Gnome - Yup, we do the occasional geocaching. We're trying to get into it more. What are earthcaches?