Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Loving

Since this is the first summer that I am feeling good, not working and not banged up from hitting a deer, we are taking advantage of the warm months and getting out on dates.

Back in May, we were at a yard sale and came across a pair of basically new roller blades that fit me perfectly and were priced right. Dan immediately jumped on them and excitedly told me we could go roller blading together.

That was back in May and we didn't get out for our first skate until the beginning of July. So not the quickest but at least we used them in the same summer we got them!

This was my first time on roller blades since I was probably 10 years old, so I was pretty shaky and a little scared of wiping out. Hence the helmet.

Dan on the other hand, is a natural on skates.

He skated circles around me for a bit and then very kindly came and helped me get a little more comfortable on my feet. By the end of the date, I was skating by myself, doing corners and practicing stopping. Oh and did I mention we went to a deserted parking lot for my first lesson? I didn't want to risk running into anyone or embarrassing myself by wiping out in the middle of a busy path.

It was fun and we plan on getting out a few more times this summer, at least enough times to get me skating in public by the end.

The other date we took was last week and we went out for an evening canoe ride. It was the perfect time of night and the water was so calm and restful.

We paddled around among the lily pads and took short cuts through secret marshy areas.

It was super nice to spend some quiet time together enjoying nature.

We paddled along until we came to some rocks and then kept going. Which may or may not have been the best decision. It was really shallow and the current was stronger there, but we made it through.

We finally decided to turn around and then had to head back down through the rocks, this time going with the current. Which turned out to be harder than coming up, since we were going faster and couldn't steer that well. We did end up getting stuck on some rocks sideways in the river for a bit, but we eventually got free and continued on our merry way.

Once we were back to still waters, Dan wanted to do some fishing. So he cast out his line and caught this small mouth bass!

I was so impressed that he caught it on his first cast, that I opted to do some fishing too, in the hopes that I would catch something. It didn't happen. So I gave up after a few minutes and read while Dan did some more fishing.

It was a delightful evening and we are looking forward to having more nice date nights over the rest of the summer.

Anyone else doing fun activities like roller blading or fishing? Or maybe that isn't your idea of fun. What have you all been up to this summer in the entertainment area?


  1. I cant rollerblade to save my life, but I can canoe so that date looks fun to me!!

  2. Really, you gave up fishing after a few minutes? You need more patience! :P
    We've stayed pretty close to home this summer, but hope to get out for a hike.

  3. Casey - I'm definitely more comfortable in the canoe than on rollerblades. But Dan loves it so I thought I should at least try.

    Jackie - I don't have the patience for fishing, I'd much rather read. :P And I hope you guys do get out for a hike at some point, I'm sure Mikey would love it!

  4. Nice catch! Was out canoeing myself today, but not fishing.

  5. Furry Gnome - It was really impressive that Dan caught it on the first cast. And it was a big fish! It fed 6 of us (3 adults and 3 kids). I hope you enjoyed your canoe ride. :)