Monday, July 28, 2014


Last week was a busy one for me, with the visit of my brother-in-law, nephew and two nieces. They arrived Monday evening in time for supper and stayed until Thursday morning. It was a wonderful visit and we had lots of fun together. I'm so glad they make the effort to come out and visit us each summer and I hope the tradition continues for a while.

Some of the fun things that we did were...

1) Painted our nails

2) Went to the zoo, had a picnic lunch and played in the splash pad

3) Coloured mandalas for a few hours

4) The boys went fishing

5) We all went for a bike ride

We also ate really good food and had fun hanging out together. Most definitely a good week!

How was everyone's weekend? Busy? Relaxing?


  1. Fantastic photos! Looks like you guys had a fun time. :) I had a pretty relaxing week, which is nice because this week is going to be busier.

  2. Love the flower nail art! =)

  3. Jackie - We did have a fantastic time, those kids are too funny. I'm glad you had a relaxing week and hopefully some of that restfulness can overflow into this one.

    Kate - It brought me back to my youth, since I used to do my nails like that all the time. :)