Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

Now that my garden is actually growing and looking different from week to week, I think it's time to bring back my What's Growing Wednesday series. Agreed?

After being away for 10 days, I was shocked to see how much everything had grown! Seriously, I swear it all doubled in size while I was away.

I've been working on the weeds the last couple mornings, when it has been cool enough to be outside. It's slow going but I can definitely see my progress.

We've already enjoyed some of this years bounty, spinach in our stir fry last night. It's so nice to be able to just go out to the garden and pick some veggies for supper!

Sad carrots
Unfortunately our carrots are doing badly again. I feel like this is a yearly occurrence, so I'm not sure if we'll be planting them again next year. I'm sad about it but I hate wasting the space. Anyone have any tips on how to get more to grow?

Our beans have grown in leaps and bounds, considering they just came up 2 weeks ago! I cannot wait for fresh garden beans.


I'm really happy with how everything is doing and I'm looking forward to a bountiful summer and fall. Pretty soon I'll be in the full swing of things and busily freezing and canning veggies. I can't wait!

Oh and here is a bonus picture of some other things that are growing quite fast.

Anyone else want to share how their gardens are doing?


  1. Your garden is looking lovely, you should get some good pickings soon x

  2. Julee - Thanks! I'm excited for everything to be ready to eat. :)

  3. Your garden looks great! What is your soil like? Carrots to do best in lighter soils. I know a lot of gardeners who don't have the best luck growing carrots in the garden grow them in containers with a lighter potting medium with great success. Good luck!

  4. Good lookin garden! Ours is sorta similar, but we mulch a lot. We,3 been enjoying lettuce, spinach, kale and the peas. We gave up on carrots too; the rabbit likes them too much.

  5. Yay for the return of garden updates!

  6. Maria - I thought my soil was okay, but who knows. I wouldn't call it light though. Maybe I'll try containers next year!

    Furry Gnome - I miss peas, but we decided not to grow them this year since Dan doesn't like them and I never got very many from them. Enjoy your tasty food!

    Jackie - I knew you'd be excited. How is yours doing?