Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

Another Wednesday is upon us and my garden has shown growth since last time I shared it with you.

The pepper plants all have little mini peppers on them and I'm anxiously awaiting the change of colours and being able to actually eat them.

Despite the sad start to the carrots, they seem to be doing okay now. Although seeing this picture reminds me that I need to thin them again, before they get too big.

Our beans are a little behind since the first planting all died and we had to replant the entire two rows. But they are all in bloom so hopefully that means we will soon be eating fresh beans!

Our tomato plants are still as big as ever and beginning to fall over again. Seriously, I'm not sure how to contain them all and keep them under control. Does anyone have any tomato plant tips? Each year they turn into monsters! But the good news, the green tomatoes are starting to turn pinkish which means, fresh tomatoes soon. Which is always a happy thought.

The sad mistake we made with our garden this year is in regards to our zucchini and cucumber plants. We wanted them near the edge of the garden so they had room to branch out and grow, but we didn't think their placement through very well. They are on the wrong side of the tomatoes and consequently don't get enough sun. The poor things are stretching upwards in search of some heat rays. Oh well, lesson learned. Next year will be better.

So that is this week's update on my garden. If you have a garden, how is it doing? Are you eating much from it? I'm impatiently waiting for the first beans and tomatoes.


  1. Nice garden growth! :) Have you spoke with Mike about tomato tips? Seems to me he's good with tomatoes.

  2. I put ground cover down (black grow cloth in my case) them covered that with wood chips (you could also use straw). Cut little Xs to plant your tomatoes and then just let them lay on the ground. Tomato farmers use this method!

  3. Look at those peppers! And those tomatoes!! Gorgeous! (waiting to see how our mini pumpkins and squash turned out this year!)

  4. Jackie - I've only spoken to Mike briefly but I might have to again and ask for precise tips. Thanks!

    Karen - Just let the plants lay on the ground? On the straw? So don't tie them up? I'm just trying to understand what you said. If that's what you meant, sounds like it's worth a try.

    Kate - I'm pretty happy with our tomatoes and peppers, two of my favourite garden veggies. I can't wait to hear how your pumpkins and squash did!