Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

I can't believe it's already Wednesday again, the weeks go by too fast. I don't feel like there is much difference in my garden from last week, except for maybe the tomato plants. They are monstrous!

They are taking over the world garden. The poor little tomato cages have basically disappeared and are now tipping with the weight of the plants. I think the project for this week will be to stake them up before something bad happens.

The peppers are growing well too and there is even a tiny little pepper on one of the plants!

Hopefully the sun will start shining again soon so that they will continue to grow, this rain has been good for the garden but it's time for some nicer weather now please.

We are still enjoying spinach in our stirfrys on a regular basis and I'm delighted to be able to use it this year. Our motorcycle accident put us out of commission for a bit last year and we basically missed the spinach season because of it.

So I'm pretty thrilled to be eating my greens.

We also have a few plants in containers, because that's just how we roll. Or because I thought we had run out of space in the garden when in fact there is a bit of wiggle room. Oh well. This way, when things get too big, we can just move the containers further apart.

We have basil, a tomato plant, a pepper plant, more basil and green onions. Although the green onions haven't grown in a while so I'm pretty sure they are a failure. Oops.

Overall, the garden is looking good and is growing, even if I can't really see the difference.

I love summer and gardens.


  1. Once again, am jealous of your pepper plants. :P But of the 3 places I planted green onions, one has thrived and I enjoyed some with dinner tonight. :)

  2. Your garden looks amazing! So neat, and not a weed in sight! Enjoy your produce!

  3. Jackie - My pepper plants seem to really like my garden, which is good since I'm not a super smart gardener. I'm jealous of your green onions. :P

    Anne - Thanks! I finished weeding it last week and it made me all happy. Too bad the weeds grow so fast, it needs weeding again!