Monday, August 25, 2014

Camping Weekend

Many moons ago (a.k.a. summer 2010), we bought a tent with great intentions of using it regularly. Except for that didn't happen thanks to some miscarriages, health issues, moving, etc. In fact, we didn't use it once until the summer of 2012. And even that was a little lame, since we camped out in our backyard. I'm sad to say that the backyard camping was the last time I slept in our tent, and that was two years ago!

All that to say, we were due for a camping trip together. This was our first summer in a long time that we have actually been able to do fun stuff together, since I'm not sick or have a sprained ankle, so we have been taking advantage of it. Dan goes backcountry camping every summer with some guy friends, but it's been ages since I've camped. We opted to go to a campground though, since I'm not quite ready for backcountry yet. We tried to line it up to go with some friends, but our schedules didn't mesh so it ended up being just Dan and I. Oh and Mia.

We had an awesome little campsite and we happily set up our tent and eating area. We fortunately arrived early on Friday so we got everything set up by early afternoon and then could explore for the rest of the day.

Our exploring involved walking around the campground in order to find out where the nearest bathrooms were and then heading out in the canoe. We paddled around the small bay and fished for a bit. I caught a HUGE fish too! It was all pretty thrilling, considering I rarely fish and even then only usually catch tiny little rock bass if anything. But I was sitting there in the canoe, lazily casting out while chatting with Dan and all of a sudden I had something on my line. It fought pretty hard and I was sore and exhausted by the time I got it in, but it was totally worth it for the photo shoot.

I caught myself a Northern Pike that was about 30 inches long and probably around 5 lbs. Don't I look proud? And a little scared too. We didn't eat it though, I let it back into the wild and waved at it as it swam away. It totally made my afternoon weekend.

We paddled around a little more before heading back to the campsite. After all, I was pretty exhausted from my fishing adventure.

The really cool thing about our site was that we had access to the lake from it. I mean, it was a round about sort of access but still, we didn't need to carry the canoe half a kilometre down to the boat launch. Our site backed onto a marshy area and there was a tiny path down to the water from it. From there, we could paddle along amongst the lily pads for a bit and then came out onto the lake. It was great!

Little pathway to the marsh where we launched our canoe

The marshy area we had to go through to get to the lake
The campground had a cute little walking path that went through another marsh area and we traipsed along there quite regularly. Since Mia had to be kept on a leash at all times, we went for a lot of walks to give her exercise. When we were at the camp site, we played ball with her too but it was trickier with her on a leash.

It was a little chilly Saturday morning but by the afternoon it had warmed up considerably. We headed off site for a bit to do some geocaching and give Mia some time off leash, but I forgot to take any pictures from that time. We found 4 geocaches though, so it was a productive time away.

Once we were back at our site, we curled up in the tent for a while and read. We're still working our way slowly through the book we're reading together, but this weekend definitely gave us a good jump ahead in it.

While we read in the tent, Mia napped outside. When she wasn't intently staring into the bushes that is.

It was a really fun weekend of relaxing and spending time together. We mostly just fished, walked, read and ate all weekend.

Dan and Mia "cuddling"

I totally caught the biggest fish of the weekend

Doing dishes by the fire

Eating hearty meals!

Cooking over an open fire makes everything taste better

The sun was so nice Sunday morning
It was a fabulous weekend and has got me a little hooked on camping. We are already trying to figure out a time to go camping in September with those friends who couldn't make it this weekend. Who knows, maybe by next summer I'll be ready to try backcountry camping again!

P.S. Be sure to swing back by tomorrow morning to read all about how I planned and pulled off a gluten/dairy/corn free camping menu!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you guys were able to get out and do that. Congrats on your fishing luck!

  2. Your fish was huge!!!! Good job!

  3. Jackie - It was a lot of fun and the perfect camping weekend we needed.

    Kate - Thanks, I may have squealed a little too much while reeling it in. I'm pretty sure all the people around the lake heard me and probably laughed.

  4. Great fish Jenn,congratulations!

  5. Beautiful fish! Did you make campfire bannock? I am very excited to see how the menu and meals went!!

  6. Kristy - Why thank you! And yes, the bannock was a total hit, you should most definitely try it.

  7. Great catch! Glad you got a bit addicted to camping - it's good for you.

  8. Furry Gnome - Camping is good for me, I really should do it more often.

  9. wickedsugar - It was a fun weekend. :D