Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gluten/Dairy/Corn Free Camping Menu

After yesterday's blog post about our camping weekend, I thought I should go into a little more detail about the food we ate and how I planned meals for us for the entire weekend while following my dietary restrictions.

At first, I kind of freaked out and decided there was no way that we could actually feed me all weekend while living out of a cooler and cooking over a campfire but I eventually calmed down enough and started doing some research. And by research I mean looking at Pinterest for inspiration. I finally made up a meal plan that both Dan and I were comfortable with and I got to work on it.

Friday night dinner was a quick easy meal of sausages, baked potatoes and grilled veggie kabobs. Simple and yet tasty.


Saturday morning breakfast was cereal with blueberries, another simple one and easy to pack too. We had pre-measured our cereal into individual baggies and each had our own mason jar of milk. Worked like a charm.

Lunch on Saturday was sandwiches, veggies and hummus.

Saturday supper, delicious hamburgers! This one took a little more planning since I had to pack some condiments and toppings for us but it was totally worthy it and oh so tasty.

I'm pretty sure we were the envy of our neighbours. Maybe not but I like to think so.

Sunday breakfast was amazing! We went all out and had scrambled eggs, bacon and bannock. The bannock was the total hit and is going to be my new go to camping food.

It tasted way better than this picture looks

If you want to make this bannock yourself, I found the recipe from this website and it worked really well with the gluten free flour I used. I highly recommend giving it a try on your next camping trip or backyard fire.

We also had snacks of chips, granola bars, apples, trail mix and fruit cups and we were never hungry, so I think it was a success.

I learned some stuff from this camping trip and will do a few things differently next time. Like figure out a way to keep all our food colder for most of the weekend. Any tips from anyone on that? Or any other recipes or meal ideas you would like to share? What's your favourite thing to cook over an open fire?


  1. Wow! gourmet camping food! I think kebabs are pretty great over an open fire. :)

  2. I totally had to go look up what Bannock was lol - but OMG! brilliant! So doing this next time we go camping!

  3. We are hardcore campers. I pack as much food FROZEN as I can. It also helps to keep a bleach bottle full of water frozen in your freezer. (Only fill it about 2/3 and don't put the lid on until it is SOLID.) A large chunk of ice lasts longer than the cubes, and the water can be used for hand and dishwashing as it thaws. Baggies are your friend for everything. I've heard that you can put some water in your cooler and put it right in the deep freeze and leave it in the freezer until a thick coating is on the walls and bottom, then pour out the excess. I haven't tried this and not sure it is really practical. Things like potatoes and onions don't have to go into the cooler. We carry a plastic bin with the foods that don't have to be refrigerated.

  4. Jackie - When you'r'e car camping, you can go all out with the food. I have yet to figure out what I'd take back country camping though...

    Kate - I'd never heard of it either but I thought it looked pretty good. IT TASTED SO GREAT!!! Let me know how you like it and what variation you use for it.

    Karen - You're brilliant! Thanks for all those tips. I like the idea of freezing a jug of water to keep things cold and have extra water for using. I will have to try some of your suggestions for our next trip.

  5. For car camping , we would pour ice into the cooler (you need to buy every couple days) we would keep one bag of ice unopened though and keep that one right next to the milk and eggs!