Thursday, August 28, 2014

Simple Pleasures - August 28, 2014

Once again I'm pushing it for getting my simple pleasures up before the end of the month. Am I the only one who finds the months flying by though? I swear I just did July's simple pleasures not too long ago...

Anyways, this month I mostly focused on my camping gear and actual camping. It wasn't on purpose, I just found these things made me smile so much, I had to share.

My new sleeping bag

My HUGE fish I caught!

An evening canoe ride

Onions hanging on the porch. This sight makes my heart full.

New camping gear (water bottle, air mattress and sleeping bag)

A BLT sandwich

My 30ish tomatoes
Another month done. I'm pretty sure it will be the end of September before we know it. What are YOU smiling at lately?


  1. I'm still smiling at the picture of you in your sleeping bag! :P

  2. Jackie - It is a pretty great picture of me. I learned from the best! (that's you by the way, the queen of silly faces)

  3. My smiles come from sunrises, seeing Jérémie at the beginning, middle or end of my day, biking really fast down a hill, seeing pretty colors starting to show in the trees and getting fresh green beans from my balcony garden still!

  4. Cora - Those are wonderful things to make you smile. Even if you're a bit of a sap. :P

  5. You're too cute, even holding a big stinky fish. ;)

  6. Stasy - It was awfully brave of me to hold the fish. I asked Dan if it was going to flop all over me and he said that it should be fine. Good thing it was! And there was no way I was going to take it out of the net, even if it would have made a better picture. I don't actually touch big stinky fish.