Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

The garden is now in full swing and keeping me plenty busy. It doesn't look much different than it did a week ago but the produce is multiplying quickly and I am out there almost daily harvesting veggies.

I picked about a thousand beans the other day but forgot to take a picture of them. Okay, so it probably wasn't a thousand but there sure were a lot. My basket was completely full by the end of the two rows. I've now started freezing the beans for next year, even though we haven't finished last years crop yet. I guess we'll need to eat more beans this winter.

13 bags of beans
The weather this summer hasn't been hot enough to get my peppers going yet so they are all a little behind in times. But every plant has small peppers on it, so hopefully they will begin ripening soon and I can get to freezing those. We ran out of them last winter so I'm hoping to be more prepared this time.

The zucchini is making slow progress which I am totally okay with. We still have a TON in the freezer from last year so I'm happy that we don't have a killer crop again. I have to find more ways to use it or else we'll never be free of it. Any suggestions?

The rest of the garden seems to be doing well. The tomato plants are still taking over the world and I feel like we'll soon be overrun with tomatoes in our house. Making stewed tomatoes and sauces will probably be next on my canning to do list. The potatoes are growing and we even dug up one hill already. They were tasty and it felt so good to eat potatoes from our garden again.

Our onion crop is a little sad this year and I'm pretty sure we won't have enough to put in storage to last us until Spring again. Oh well, every year is different. The carrots did better than we expected and we are now starting to pull them up and enjoy fresh garden carrots. They just have a better crunch to them than store bought ones.

That's it for this weeks update. I'll try and do better taking pictures of what I'm picking during the week so I can share that with you next week. I think we're ready for some variety and not just photos of the same plants from week to week.

Oh and I forgot to mention that since my cucumbers and beets didn't do well this year, a friend of ours offered some of theirs. And boy did she mean it! I am now scrambling to deal with the crazy amount of beets and cucumbers that we have by canning them all. I'm half way through them!

Anyone else in the midst of canning or freezing summer produce? What is your favourite fresh vegetable? And since I've been pickling all week, what is your favourite pickle?


  1. I love dill pickles! :) And I enjoyed zucchini chopped up with potatoes and carrots and onions and sausages in the oven last night, but if you are thinking of recipes for frozen zucchini, I will have to brainstorm and get back to you on that.
    My garden news is that I almost have 1 ripe tomato! :)

  2. Jackie - Dill pickles are some of my favourite too, but I'm not sure I'll make any this year. All the cucumbers I've been given are too big. As for the zucchini, it's more to use up the stuff in the freezer that I'm having troubles with. More muffins I guess? And yay for an almost ripe tomato!

  3. We just finished getting two bushels of little cucumbers into 27 HUGE JARS for dills. We have a big crock fermenting too.
    I'm picking about three quarts of beans every day. If I miss a day they get huge and woody. I haven't checked the tomato patch for a couple of days. There was no sign of redness last time I went down there...
    Have you considered slicing your cucumbers into dill slices, or grinding for dill relish for burgers?

  4. Karen - Wow, go you! That is a lot of dill pickles! Every year I am amazed at how much my garden can grow and produce in such a short time. Keep checking daily and enjoying your veggies! I haven't considered making sliced dills or dill relish, I hadn't even thought of it. I just made a yellow relish that I love but maybe next time I get cukes I will consider the sliced dills. Thanks!