Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

I'm back this week to show off some more garden pictures as well as what I've been up to with said garden produce. Ready?

The onions are just about ready to start hanging

Our third cucumber we have gotten from our garden

The potatoes are slowly being overtaken with weeds
The herbs are growing well and I'm happy to report that their new garden suits them much better than the gutters. Now to get out there and actually use the herbs! Making pesto is on the to do list for today.

Our tomatoes are in full swing now and I've been picking and making stewed tomatoes out of them. I'm pretty sure this will now be a weekly occurrence, given how many green tomatoes are left on the plants.

Speaking of canning, here is a picture of last weeks efforts! I finally worked my way through all the cucumbers and beets I was given. 12 jars of pickled beets, 15 jars of bread & butter pickles and 10 jars of relish. Pretty amazing, right?

I'm also in full bean freezing mode and work on prepping them while watching Gilmore Girls. This is considered my "break".

And because I love to flaunt just a little bit, this next picture is of our meal we had last week. The chicken is one of ours from last year, as well as the beet pickles and bread & butter pickles. The carrots, beans and potatoes are from our garden this year and the crabapple jelly is not from any of our trees but I picked and jellied it. So this WHOLE meal was completely ours!

Nothing we've eaten lately tasted quite as good as that meal did.

And because I like to occasionally leave you guys with a small bonus picture on these posts, here is a picture of the things that are currently growing the fastest around here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and the rest of your week goes well.


  1. That meal looks scrumptious! even more so since you grew it all!!

  2. Kate - Thanks! It really was an amazing meal.

    Jackie - Why thank you. :)

    Furry Gnome - Thanks! I was really impressed with myself too!