Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

My garden is slightly overwhelming me with tomatoes. Seriously, this heat that has come back (which I'm totally not complaining about) has helped ripen my tomatoes and I'm picking a basket full every few days.

Which means my counters are filling up with tomatoes every few days and then I have to deal with said tomatoes. While I know that I will enjoy the canned tomatoes this winter, it gets tiring having to can so often. I'll stop complaining now, I know that I am fortunate with how well my garden is doing.

Our zucchini is finally doing something, the flowers are getting bigger and tiny little zucchini have started. I find these plants to be so pretty.

Our peppers are also catching up with the rest of the garden. The jalapeno has some small ones on it and some of my other plants are finally beginning to change colours. I hope this heat wave keeps up long enough to ripen the rest of them.

Our carrots that survived the second planting are thriving and becoming huge. I have to start picking and eating more carrots! They're not all this big, but this one concerned me.

I'm happy with the progress my garden is making and I'm happy for all the veggies I'm harvesting and storing up for the winter. My cold room and freezers are filling up nicely and it makes me feel awfully proud.


  1. I wash the dirt off my tomatoes and freeze them whole, skins off. When you need tomatoes for sauce or whatever, run them under hot water and the peels slide right off! Allow them to thaw almost completely or they will take that much longer to cook. You WILL have a LOT of liquid.

  2. That is one earth shatteringly large carrot! And you should be grateful for your tomatoes, I'm still patiently waiting for my 20 little tomatoes to ripen...

  3. Karen - I tried freezing tomatoes last year but never really used them since I was too lazy to get them out, peel off the skins, let them thaw and then deal with all the liquid. I know that it's a lame excuse but I figured if I didn't actually use them, it wasn't a good way for me to store them. Plus, I have precious freezer space in the fall. So for me, I will just stick with canning.

    Jackie - I know! I better eat it soon. :P And I am grateful for my tomatoes, I'm just overwhelmed. I picked 30 of them yesterday. 30! I am sorry about your slow ripening tomatoes though, hopefully they redden up soon.