Monday, August 11, 2014

Win for Me Again!

It's that time of the year again, when I flaunt my fair winnings from the annual Wilberforce Agricultural Fair. It's tradition to document it on my blog and it's always nice to look back from year to year to see how I've done. If you want to see the last two years blog posts, click here and here.

I wasn't as prepared for the fair this year since we were gone to Virginia and then had a busy week leading up to it, but I think I still did a decent job entering a variety of things.

Photo Credit to Trish Easton Photography
I like that I'm branching out more and more each year and not just focusing on the baking. Since I can't actually eat much baking, I don't feel as compelled to enter it.

Here is how I did.

Pickled Beets - 1st
Bread & Butter Pickles - 1st
Strawberry Jam - 1st
Green Beans - 1st
Yellow Beans - 1st
Dutch Onions - 1st
House Plant Not Listed - 1st
Novelty Craft Item (Believe Sign) - 1st
Knitted Dish Cloth - 1st
Raspberry Jam - 2nd
Carrots - 2nd
Christmas Decoration - 2nd
Knitted Baby Legwarmers - 3rd
Crabapple Jelly - Didn't place
Quinoa Chocolate Cake - Didn't place
Potatoes - Didn't place
Knitted Hat - Didn't place

So while a few things didn't even place, most of my stuff did well. As you can see above, I entered a chocolate cake this year into the ladies category. I didn't expect it to do well since it was a gluten/dairy/corn free cake competing against a bunch of normal gluten filled ones, but I am still proud of myself for trying. I've already started planning for next years cake and how I can improve on it.

Dan also entered some items this year and he did pretty well with his entries.

Photo Credit to Trish Easton Photography

Brown Eggs - 1st
Homeliest Potato - 1st
Woodcraft Article - 3rd

It was a fun fair yet again and we enjoyed competing in the homecraft exhibits and can't wait until next year. I have to start organizing myself better!

We don't have any other pictures from the fair since we were both volunteering at different booths and didn't get around to wandering that much. I'll try and do better to snap a few more pictures to share next year.

Anyone else getting out to any local fairs or exhibitions? Do you ever enter anything into them?


  1. Congrats Jennie! I'm impressed at the number of things you entered despite not being so prepared. You looked pretty organized to me!

  2. Congrats! That's a whole lot of ribbons. :)

    Also, the thumbnail in my blog queue made it look like you're naked. It made me chuckle. ;)

  3. You did an awesome job. Thanks for all your help. Joanne has some pics if you want them. I think next year will be OUR year for cakes. :)

  4. Well done Girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jackie - Thanks! Fortunately I'm pretty crafty throughout the year so I could just wander around my house and think of things I could enter. Plus, our garden just happened to start producing that week, so another stroke of luck!

    Stasy - Thanks! And I did notice that my shirt was a little skin coloured and imagined it would look more so smaller. But I promise you, no naked pictures on the blog! ;)

    Michele - It was fun working with you again. I think your cake did pretty well, considering it placed. :) But yes, next year is our turn.

    Karen - Thank you!

  6. Well done! That's a lot of prizes! Our fair is in two weeks; I'm thinking of entering some photos for the first time ever.

  7. Furry Gnome - You most definitely should enter some pictures! You take amazing ones and it's always so much fun to enter things. Do it and then let me know how it goes!