Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Goals: Progress Report #3

Another three months have gone by since my last goal check in so I am back to share the progress I have made. And it's pretty decent progress if I dare say so myself.

1. Learn to parallel park My sister Jackie taught me while in Seattle, although I need to keep practicing!
2. Get a will made up In progress. We have met with the lawyer and started the ball rolling.
3. Make a roman shade for the laundry room In progress. The supplies are bought.
4. Have a successful herb garden Done! To see how I finally completed this one, click here.
5. Visit Seattle We went the end of April and it was awesome! To read more about it, click here.
6. Gain 5 pounds While my weight has fluctuated a little over the past few months, I am still keeping that extra 5lbs on and hoping to continue to gain.
7. Volunteer with a local charity/group I have been volunteering with the local Alzheimer Society since March.
8. Learn to knit socks I finished my very first pair the beginning of March! To see pictures, click here.
9. Plant a new shade tree
10. Run another 5k Finished! I'm really proud of myself for doing another 5k run, especially with my late start. To read more about it, click here.
11. Read 20 books I've already reached this goal! It could have something to do with me starting the Harry Potter books and not being able to stop...
12. Put an extra $5,000 on the mortgage
13. Join a local knitting group I'll probably take a break during the summer but will join back up come colder weather.
14. Take a Zumba class I participated in a Zumba class with my friend Vicky on March 6th and didn't die! 

I only have three more months to cross off the remaining items. But let's be realistic, I won't complete all 14 goals this year. We haven't put any money on the mortgage yet and it's a little late to be planting any new trees. But I am optimistic that the rest of the items will get crossed off!


  1. Way to go on the goals! I know you're a lot farther north than I am but fall is actually the best time to plant trees! The roots actually grow even after the ground starts to freeze. I can't remember all the details but my husband (a progect manager for a landscaping company) keeps saying now is the best time. Basically the tree has more time to establish itself before summer.

  2. You could always drop a zero and put 500$ on the mortgage. :)
    And way to go on awesome goal completion thus far!

  3. Way to go! You are so great at setting and following through with goals - I enjoy seeing your goals and reading your updates!

  4. KLamb - I didn't know fall was a good time to plant trees, thanks for letting me know! We still probably won't plant one this fall, but maybe next year.

    Jackie - We could. But I don't believe in changing my goals once they are written, so I just won't cross that one off.

    Mrs. Lopez - Thanks! I try hard to keep working on them, and these quarterly check-ins definitely help motivate me!

  5. Woohoo!

    I'm glad you liked Harry Potter so much. They're amazing as re-reads, too.

  6. I had no idea about planting trees in the fall either! Before you decide I would check with a local nursery. I know what the window is here in the Midwest but I'm guessing it's a little different in Canada.

  7. Stasy - Oh I most definitely plan on re-reading the HP series multiple times. It was so good!

    Klamb - I will most definitely check with a nursery before planting. :)