Thursday, September 25, 2014

Screen Free Update

Remember back in August when I told you all about my screen addiction and how I was going to avoid screens on Tuesdays? Remember how I said I would try it out and see how it goes? Well I tried it and this is how it went.

Week 1: Very good. I felt motivated and avoided my phone, computer and tv throughout the day.

Week 2: Still pretty good. I texted a few people because I was so excited about my new backpack. But overall, not too bad at avoiding screens.

Week 3: Had to go into work so stared at a screen for a good chunk of the day but it wasn't for personal or fun reasons. Let it slide.

Week 4: Started to get annoyed with the no screen thing, especially in the evening when Dan was home and we wanted to watch a movie. Rainy days make it hard to think of non-screen related activities.

Week 5: Expecting an email and finally caved to check. Decided that screen free Tuesdays wasn't working.

So there you have it, I gave up. But here is my thought process. Going a whole day without screens is hard and overall it was making me grumpy. I agree that it's good to cut back on how much computer/phone time I have but going a whole day may not be the answer for me.

Which leads me to my next plan! For the last month and a half, I've been getting up with Dan in the morning. This is a pretty big deal for me since I got used to sleeping in after quitting my job last summer. But even though we get up together, we then usually eat breakfast while staring at our separate screens. So we are going to try a new routine, which involves doing a small devotional while eating breakfast together.

We've only done it for one morning so far (today) and it went well. The devotional is short and sweet but involves a challenge and looking up some Bible verses. It's not a huge commitment but will give us time together and will develop a good habit over time. I'm hoping this one sticks.

We also will continue with our rule of no screens during meals, unless we're watching a movie together over supper. But if we're sitting at the table, computers and phones are put away.

So there's my honest update on how screen free Tuesdays went. I'll keep you posted on how screen-free breakfasts go.


  1. That's an interesting challenge. Facebook, blogs, and e-mail are my connection to family and others. I would really miss the screens. We also used that Jesus Calls devotional. Now we're reading Jesus Today at breakfast. They were both gifts from friends during my treatments.

  2. Ellie - It is definitely a hard challenge, since I also use all those ways to keep in contact with people. But I feel like I spend so much time on the computer, a lot of it wasted. Is the Jesus Today devotional from the same author as Jesus Calls?

  3. I love that you work towards developing new and good habits. :)

  4. Jackie - I do try, although I don't often succeed. But trying is half the battle, right?

  5. Yes, Jesus Today is also written by Sarah Young. We liked Jesus Calling better.

  6. I love Jesus Calling--it's on my bedside table! :-)

    Jeff and I are trying to commit to dinner together at the table at 6:45. It doesn't always work, but even when it's just one of us (and Lily), we still try to eat at the table and avoid screens while we eat. We're actually really enjoying it and find it to be MORE of a break than watching TV while eating was.

  7. Ellie - I'll keep that in mind. :)

    Tory - I think it's so fun that so many people have the same devotional. :) I think it's great to try and commit to eating dinner at the table together without screens. It's such a freeing thing, being without TV.