Friday, September 26, 2014

Simple Pleasures - September 2014

I'm cutting it close once again, which I'm pretty sure is a new habit of mine. Oh well. It doesn't really matter what time of the month I post my simple pleasures, as long as I take time to find them each month.

Peppers from the garden ready to pop in the freezer

My new orchid from a friend

I found the chocolate ones!!!

My newest find of Berenstain Bears books

The trees are starting to turn and the weather is beautiful
What are some things that have brought you joy this past week? I love hearing from you guys on what makes you smile.


  1. 1) Getting back on my back on Sunday (after 2 weeks of not riding) - it felt great!
    2) Discovering what was in my very first organic vegetable box that I will now receive every two weeks! Yay for fresh carrots!
    3) The profile of my true love when he doesn't know that I am watching
    4) The colors in the trees and the crisp automn mornings
    5) The most delicious tomate-cabbage soup that I made earlier this week. :D

  2. OOh, that is a beautiful orchid! Some things that made me smile this week: Mikey's sleeping face, Kevin singing to me so I would be less stressed, the wispy clouds over the mountain peaks on my drive home, and getting to sneak in a morning nap today! :)

  3. It's happy for me that you found the chocolate K-Kritters in the Great White North! ;-)

    Some smiley moments for me: seeing my freshmen students already start to grow up a bit, plans to make mango margaritas tonight to surprise Jeff after a long afternoon/evening at work, and the surprise of Jeff and Lily popping in to have lunch at school with me today!

  4. Cora - I love all your things! They all sound so delightful. :D Enjoy your veggies, soup, bike rides, colours and profile of your true love.

    Jackie - Wow, awesome happy things for you too! I'm totally jealous of the wispy clouds over the mountains. And how sweet of Kevin to help you get less stressed.

    Tory - I hope the mango margaritas were good and I love that Jeff and Lily surprised you for lunch. :)

  5. I <3 Berenstein Bears!! (And I probably butchered the spelling... c'est la vie)
    And I LOOOOOOVE the changing leaf colors too!!!

  6. Kate - You didn't butcher it that bad, just messed up one letter. :P