Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

This week I am on time! Are you proud of me? Fortunately the internet is working this morning and I am able to write this post before I head off for my busy day.

Our garden is most definitely on the winding down end of things. It gets emptier by the day. Our tomatoes are still coming in nice and steady but the plants are dwindling dying so I know it will just be a matter of time before they end too.

Last week we dug up all our potatoes so there is a big empty area in the middle of the garden now and a pile of drying potatoes in our basement.

Our basil plants are finally doing something and I've made pesto twice now to freeze. I ate so much of it last year that I really need to keep freezing as much as I can. It's just so good!

We have also been enjoying our carrots. For some reason, we barely ate any in August but once September hit, we were like "carrots"! Dan is pretty good at digging them up for me.

The What's Growing Wednesday series is almost over for another year and I'll be switching gears again come October. But you'll still have some more garden updates for another few weeks, so don't you worry. Soon I'll be sharing pictures of what my freezers and cold room look like now that I have been putting by so much produce.


  1. Those carrots look yummy! And I'm glad to have a blog post to read today (even if I'm later than usual getting to it due to my busy day!)

  2. Jackie - The carrots are yummy, even the big ones. And I totally forgive you for being late responding, busy days happen to all of us.