Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

This will be the last post of my actual garden for another season, since next week I plan on sharing what my cold room and freezers look like now. So soak up the nice end of season feel of my dying garden and appreciate with me how well it did over the past few months.

It's not completely dead yet but I'm getting less and less from it as the days go by. I still need to pick my last few beets and cook them up for a meal in the coming week. I had a sad crop of them this year, considering what you see here is half my crop.

My pepper plants are still loaded down with peppers but I have a bad feeling that they won't all ripen. This cold snap isn't doing them any favours and they need heat in order to change colours. These ones are supposed to be orange, but I think we'll just have to eat them green.

My one and only zucchini from this years crop is just about ready to pick. I have to think of some fabulous way to eat it, since it's my only one. Any suggestions?

Out of our six tomato plants, only two are left. They still have a few tomatoes on them but I'm not sure if they will actually ripen before they rot. I figured I'd give them a chance though, so I'm leaving the plants in for now.

So there you have it, another year of gardening just about done with. Thanks for joining me along the way and I will see you next week for one last post in this year's series.


  1. I'm so impressed at all your garden bounty!!!
    My mom used to make cucumbers - I guess, "vinegarized?"
    She would slice them thin, and then let them soak in iced water, sugar and vinegar for days... pickled cucumbers? lol
    but they were soooooo yummy, I could eat an entire cucumber in one sitting...

  2. Wow, how this summer has flown by! You grow a nice garden. :) I would eat your zucchini in a stir fry or a cake.