Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's Growing Wednesday

Today is the day, the last post in this years What's Growing Wednesday series! I hope you guys have enjoyed my weekly garden updates as much as I have. I find it fun to look back once the snow comes and remember how nice it was to have fresh veggies.

This week I'm showing off my freezers and cold room, which is where I store all my bounty for the winter. We have two freezers, one upright and one chest, and they are currently both full.

The upright freezer is where most of our fruits and veggies are, along with some chicken and beef broth. I keep trying to squeeze more into it but I'm pretty sure it has reached its max capacity.

The chest freezer is mostly meat, considering we do have a 1/4 cow, a 1/2 pig and 8 chickens or so in there. But I've managed to get some tomatoes and peppers in on top, since the upright freezer was a little overloaded.

We also have the freezer that is attached to our fridge but that one has mostly breads, muffins, popsicles, etc. You know, the stuff we use more regularly.

This is my favourite time of year for the cold room, since it's full of the newly harvested foods and looks the most impressive. The shelves that were in the cold room when we moved in have never looked overly sturdy and I was always concerned that they would fall and all my hard work would crash to the floor. So this year we purchased a new shelf and Dan set it up against the opposite wall.

He even secured it to the wall to make sure it wouldn't tip over on us.

All of the jars in the above photo are from this year and there is an assortment of pickled beets, bread & butter pickles, relish, stewed tomatoes, strawberry jam, raspberry jam and dill pickles. Pretty good for one summer if you ask me! I think this is the most I've ever canned in one year, so I'm feeling mighty proud.

The old shelves are still there for now and are housing the small quantity of jars that we have left from previous years.

We keep more than just canned goods in the cold room, storing our potatoes and onions in there too. This years onion crop was kind of sad compared to last year and we doubt it will last us until Christmas. We were eating our onions until May this past year, which we were hoping to do again this year. Alas, the onions didn't know of our plan.

We hung them in panty hose because I found this trick on Pinterest last year and it seemed to work well. Like I said, our onions stayed nice and fresh until May so it must have done something. Plus, it keeps them off the ground and makes them easy to access, since all you have to do is rip a hole and grab your onion.

Our potato crop didn't do as well as last year either, but we're hoping it will last us until Christmas. Last year we ate our potatoes until January, which I guess could happen again, depending on how fast we go through them.

The big crate contains the nice undamaged ones and the little basket has the ones that need to be eaten first. This picture makes it look like we have barely any, but I swear it looks more impressive in real life.

So that's the sum up of our garden bounty this year. I'm looking forward to eating it all winter long. Anyone else finished up with their gardens and now excitedly staring at their cold rooms or freezers?

And for those of you who are wondering what my next series will be on, you should be very excited! I am bringing Foodie Friday back for a couple months! I know that many of you loved that series and was sad when I finished it off, so I figured it would be nice to bring it back for a bit. Plus, I need some motivation to get my butt back into the kitchen and whip up some yummy recipes. 


  1. Wow, impressive! You guys look like you're ready to live off your storage of food for a few months if you had to.

  2. Erin - Thanks! And yes, we really could live for a while off of our food. We won't be starving this winter, that's for sure!

  3. You've got good reason to be proud of your effort! Very impressive. Started clearing up our garden today.

  4. Awesome Jennie! Looking forward to goodie Friday :)

  5. Furry Gnome - I'm always a little sad when clearing out the garden but it also feels good to move on, doesn't it?

    Jackie - Goodie Friday or Foodie Friday? ;)