Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let's Make a Baby: Plan B

So since our Plan A didn't work for us, we are now moving on to Plan B. As I mentioned in this post, we did a diagnostic monitoring cycle and a semen analysis for Dan.

First up, how cycle monitoring went. It was good but slightly stressful, mostly the getting up at crazy hours of the morning. 4am to be exact. The first two times we went in were both on Fridays so we opted to take the GO Train instead of battle the traffic.

We felt so out of place on the train full of commuters, wearing our jeans and running shoes, but it got us there quickly and we didn't really care what everyone else thought of us. Once we arrived at Union Station, we opted to walk the 1.5km up to our fertility clinic instead of battling the masses on the Subway.

The monitoring went relatively quickly each time, since all they really have to do is blood work and an ultrasound. But some mornings we waited longer than others, just due to the amount of people there.

We also took some time after some of the appointments to go geocaching. We learned cool stuff about the Old City Hall and also got to soak in some early morning sun. There's something special about a crisp fall morning.

So overall, the cycle monitoring experience was pretty good. Not my most favourite thing to do ever but still decent. It could have gone worse.

Now onto the results! We just had our follow up appointment yesterday so we haven't had much time to digest them all but are excited about our new plan.

For starters, Dan's semen analysis with DNA fragmentation results came back awesome. He has super swimmers, or as the doctor said "excellent" and "some of the best he's ever seen". So that was happy news that started our appointment off well.

On to the not as happy news, the monitoring showed that I have polycystic ovaries (but not PCOS). I'm still confused with this and haven't been able to find much info on Google. He explained it as my ovaries producing a follicle like normal but then it matures too quickly, which leads to a premature egg. According to all my hormone results, I move much too quickly to ovulation. The good thing about this diagnosis is that it can explain our losses and trouble getting pregnant now. Which is really nice to finally have a reason, even if it's not confirmed.

Moving on to the plan of attack. The protocol moving forward will be a medicated cycle with timed intercourse. To break it down a little more, here is what a cycle will look like.

Day 1: Start baby aspirin and call clinic to set up first appointment
Days 3: First monitoring appointment and pick up first medication, Letrozole
Day 3-7: Take Letrozole twice daily (Letrozole brings down estrogen levels and will hopefully let the egg mature better)
Day 8: Second monitoring appointment and then daily monitoring until the follicle is ready

Once the follicle is the right size, I will take my second drug, Ovidrel, to trigger ovulation. We will then be sent home for our timed intercourse. They will continue monitoring until ovulation is confirmed and then I will start progesterone, which I will stay on until a pregnancy is either confirmed or not.

If I am not pregnant, we will do this protocol for one more cycle before moving on to a similar one but with different meds.

So that is where we are at. We will be waiting a few months before starting this protocol, so we have some time to prepare ourselves for it, both emotionally and financially. Although we are very aware of how inexpensive it is here in Canada to do any sort of fertility treatments.

We are excited for this new plan and feeling good about our chances. We also love our clinic and doctor, which is a huge bonus. Hope you guys all enjoyed our over sharing post!

We are choosing to be open about this part of our journey because we need the support and love from our friends and family as we move forward. I also want to help raise awareness of infertility and pregnancy loss, helping make it less of a taboo subject. If you are struggling with infertility or have experienced multiple losses like myself, please know you are not alone. This is a hard road to walk down but there are others who can come along you and support you. 

Having said that, it is NEVER appropriate to ask anyone (not just myself) about the status of a women's uterus. Do not ask if we are pregnant. We will choose who we will tell and when we will tell them if we are so blessed with another pregnancy. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers but will not be answering questions in regards to whether or not there is a baby growing inside of me. If you ask, be prepared for a snarky answer. Thank you!


  1. good luck my dear! I am so glad they found out what the problem was and have a plan of attack

  2. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I am so excited for you guys! constant prayers that this "tweak" brings success!! (Also - and I hope this doesn't show my ignorance about Canadian geography, but - hope you guys are all doing ok after this week's scary shootings in Montreal!!)

  4. It's brilliant to have such a clear diagnosis and plan of attack. x

  5. Casey - Thanks! And hopefully I'll be able to come by for that supper next time I'm doing monitoring. :)

    Jalyn - Thank you.

    Kate - Thanks! I'm really feeling hopeful about this and letting myself hope for the best. And the shootings were actually in Ottawa, but there was a hit and run attack in Montreal, so you're not completely off. And yes, we're doing okay.

    Heidi - We are totally in love with our doctor and fertility clinic, so I'm feeling good about our new plan!

  6. Jenn- that was the exact protocol that brought us Leah! Praying that it will bring you a healthy, sticky baby!

  7. FINALLY, some answers and what sounds like a solid plan! I'll be praying for you guys.

    It's kinda too bad that I'm on mat leave right now. Since you were poking around Old City Hall I could have met you for a quick hello. My office is across the street. :)

  8. I love the picture of you knitting on the train. You are lovely.

  9. Erin - I didn't realize that this is exactly what you guys did to get pregnant with Leah. But now that I know, it gives me eve more hope! Thanks for sharing!

    artistmouse - It would have been so nice to finally meet you! And how cool that your office is so close to City Hall. That's probably the part of the city that I'm most familiar with now. Which isn't saying much. ;)

    Kristy - It's how I helped pass the time and get ahead on Christmas presents. :)

  10. I'm so glad to see you have a plan and I hope this protocol is what brings you your take-home baby.

  11. Stasy - Thanks! We're definitely excited about this new plan going forward and are feeling hopeful that we *may* get a baby in 2015.