Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Day in the Life 2014

Last year in November I shared my first "day in the life" blog post and I thought it would be fun to do again. So without further introduction, here is what my life looks like this year.

Alarm rings at 6:00am but we are slow getting out of bed. The time change has thrown our internal clocks off and we're more tired than usual. At least there is a bit of light this early in the morning now.

We head to the kitchen where Dan and Mia have their morning cuddle. I weigh myself (Monday is weigh in day) while Dan feeds Mia.

Dan and I then eat our breakfast. Dan checks emails and Facebook while I make my to do list for the day.  More Mia cuddles.

After breakfast Dan heads off to work and I write up a blog post.

Once my computer stuff is done, I head to the bathroom to shave and clip my nails. Once I'm freshened up, I head to the bedroom to get dressed and tidy up in there.

Now my day can really begin. As soon as I get dressed, I always feel ready to face my to do list better. First up, putting away the laundry that has been "drying" for four days now.

Once the laundry is away and the bedroom, laundry room and office are tidied up, I make my way to the kitchen. Which always seems to be a disaster. It doesn't help that I had a headache the day before and didn't do any dishes.

No worries though, I know that I can get it looking better in no time. I put on some tunes (a new cd that we got from the concert we went to last Friday) and get to work. Pretty soon, it's looking much better.

I take a minute to cut up some old bread to make bread pudding for Dan and then take a break for a snack of pears while reading blog comments.

Once my break is finished, I move on to sweeping. Our floors get so dirty, thanks to a certain little black dog. At least she's cute.

After sweeping and tidying the rest of the house, I take a look at the time. I've done so much already and it's not even 10:00! Man I'm awesome.

Once I finish marveling at how productive I've been, I whip up some peanut butter chocolate chip protein balls and then water the plants.

I take another look at my to do list, to see what's next. Before moving on to new things though, I do another load of dishes.

Since I now have clear counters again, I take some strawberries and rhubarb out of the freezer to thaw for muffins. While they're thawing, I start cleaning the bathroom.

Before I can finish the bathroom though, Dan calls and asks me to come help him at a job site. I knew this call could be coming in since he gave me a heads up but I didn't expect it until the afternoon. No worries though. I stop cleaning the bathroom and jump into the car.

At the job site, Dan is putting a new pump into a well so he will be climbing down into it. My job is to make sure he doesn't get stuck and to hand him things that he needs while down there.

It's pretty cool to see him in action and impressive to see how talented he is. Despite the chill in the air, it really is a decent day to be working outside. Once he's done in the well, I head home and let him finish the rest of his work.

Upon arrival at the house, I decide to collect the eggs and feed the chickens since I'm already bundled for outside. We got seven eggs which is super surprising since we've only been getting 1-2 a day. These seven eggs are from two days but still, impressive.

I wash my hands and get back to the tasks I had started earlier. The strawberries are most definitely thawed now.

Before dealing with them though, I have lunch. Leftover chili and yummy Canyon Bakehouse bread totally hits the spot.

After lunch, I finish cleaning the bathroom, make my muffins and do more dishes.

Then I try to call my mom, but she doesn't answer. So I move on to writing notes to go into our shoeboxes we're assembling for Operation Christmas Child.

The muffins are finished now so while they're cooling enough for a taste test, I decide to finally start my roman shade for the laundry room. I've been meaning to make this curtain since we moved in 3 years ago.

I spend the next 4 hours working on the roman shade, with a phone call from my mom mixed in there somewhere.

Shortly after 6:00pm, mostly due to Mia whining for her supper, I realize it's getting late and Dan still hasn't come home. I hope that everything is getting worked out at the job site, since he called earlier to tell me there were some issues.

He finally does call back to tell me he's on his way home. I keep work on my roman shade, since I'm in the home stretch now. I do start supper once he arrives though, so I'm not too bad of a wife.

We eat late, even Mia. I didn't cave to her obnoxious whines to feed her early.

After our exciting meal of noodles and sauce, we both head to the office for the remainder of the evening. Dan types up quotes for work and I knit. I know, we lead exciting lives.

At around 9:00pm, we start getting ready for bed. I brush and floss my teeth and then give myself a star on my calendar. I'm trying to get into the habit of flossing daily and for some reason, stickers are motivation enough for me. Then again, it's only been three days.

Once my teeth are flossed and my sticker is stuck, we head to bed. And it's only 9:14pm. Man we're old.

Oh well. Goodnight world!


  1. I like the sound of your day! Especially all the baking :) yum! And you sure DO go to bed early. Sheesh- and everyone teases me for being completely out by 1030pm

  2. I love a day in your life, you are so wonderful! And I am very glad to see that I am not the only one that goes to bed before ten, it makes me feel a bit better!

  3. What a busy day! :) Love the photo diary feel of this post.

  4. That was fun to read! You got a lot done in one day and you have a lot of clocks.

  5. Casey - What can I say, I love to eat baked goods and sleep! I'm glad my early to bed habits make you feel better about yours. ;)

    Kristy - We can party it up (early) together! I'm glad I have a friend who understands my need for a good 9 hours (at least) of sleep.

    Jackie - I'm glad that you liked the photo diary feel of the post. I liked it too.

    Ellie - I don't always get that much done every day, Monday was especially productive. And I have more clocks than shown in these photos. :P

  6. I think Mia had the best day: snuggles, sleep, and food! I love being part of your life in this small way--and I love that I got to IM with you in the midst of it all. :-) Can't wait for the post about your beautiful Roman shade!!

  7. Tory - I agree, Mia wins for best day. Doing a post on her life would be pretty boring. :P And I'm hoping to get the roman shade post up tomorrow, but we'll see.