Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Hen Update

It's been two and a half months since I shared a post on our new hens. Back at the beginning of September, we purchased seven new laying hens to bring our flock numbers back up over twelve in the hopes of getting a decent number of eggs again. They were still young though, so we knew we'd have to wait at least two months before seeing any eggs from them.

Well for the last two months, they've been steadily growing and fitting in with the old hens a little better.

Matilda The Second

Bertha, Ellie, Sandra, Camilla and Matilda The Second have all grown into lovely hens. Nice sizes and at least two of them are already laying. We are very proud of our girls.



Fuzzy Butt and Minnie though? Not quite as proud. Turns out they aren't girls. We've got ourselves two handsome roosters though!

Minnie Mike

Fuzzy Butt
Fuzzy Butt is really hard to photograph, but you can sort of see the beautiful turquoise earlobes he has. There is also a little teal in the tips of his wing feathers, which adds a nice touch to the rest of his fuzzy body.

Minnie Mike (as we now call him), is getting better looking by the day. He has gorgeous colouring on his neck and his tail feathers are getting more fountain like each day.

We are keeping them both for now but we aren't sure if it will be a permanent thing. I'm kind of liking the idea of having cute little chicks running around next year though, so that might affect my decision making.

So there is an update on our small flock of birds. Everyone is doing well and their coop is nice and ready for winter now. Here's to hoping that the rest of the hens start laying soon and maybe some of the eggs will be a different colour than just brown!


  1. Heads up on roosters, one is good, two might fight to the death! If one is smaller than the other, he will be at a def. disadvantage.

  2. I like that you named and photographed your hens. :)