Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Christmas Tradition

I know I know, Christmas was last week. You don't actually want to read about anything Christmas related and this post isn't what you had in mind for my next post. For those of you who have been checking in on my blog faithfully and being constantly disappointed at the lack of posts as of late, I'm sorry this is my first come back one. But such is life. Disappointments happen. So deal.

I'd actually been planning on sharing this post earlier before Christmas but time got away from me and all of a sudden 2014 is almost over. But I figured as long as I squeezed it in before New Year's, I was good.

Dan and I are doing our best to form our own traditions and make Christmas special to us. Each year we add some new ones and tweak the ones we have and we are starting to feel a little more of ourselves in each holiday season.

One tradition we have had since just about the beginning of our marriage is buying a new ornament for the tree each year. We really got into our third Christmas and started choosing ones that signified something that had happened that year and since then, we have been doing our best to hang something special on the tree.

2008: Our wedding

2009: A truck

2010: Shells from Jamaica
It's also fun for us to get out together in December and search for the perfect ornament. We also spend time together brainstorming ahead of time so we don't get overwhelmed while shopping. I admit though, some years we don't actually get out to buy them and end up making them or receiving them as gifts.

2011: Mia joined the family

2012: Dan opened his own business

2013: Dad passed away
This year we were happy to find the perfect one while out on a date. We chose a canoe to signify our camping trips this summer and how we are excited to go on more in the future. It was also a bonus that we got it on sale and only ended up paying $4 for it!

2014: Canoe
This is one of my favourite traditions and I hope we continue it on for many years to come. It's also a fun way of adding more ornaments to our tree that have meaning.

What fun Christmas traditions do you have? I love hearing what other people do to make Christmas special to them.


  1. Oh! I have the identical canoe ornament. Found it at a place near Burleigh Falls, north of Peterborough. I just forget the name of the store but they have lovely DIFFERENT ornaments for Christmas.

  2. We've got a lot of favourite old ornaments, but we also collect nutcrackers - the tall ones that look like soldiers! We have about a dozen.

  3. I love your ornament tradition! You know our big one already: cheese fondue on Christmas Eve. (This year, it was accompanied by Elf and extra little ones--we took in our neighbor's two kids after their mom took a bad fall and needed a trip to the ER.) We're also continuing my family tradition of stockings in mom and dad's bed followed by a big breakfast before ever heading into the living room for "real" presents. Our challah French toast and fresh fruit bowls were delicious!

  4. Fun to see your ornaments, Jennie. :) We're still working on traditions, but one that has started is buying a new pair of socks each year for our stockings!

  5. Karen - How fun that you have the same ornament! We loved it as soon as we saw it and decided it was the best canoe ornament in the store. Was the store Lockside Trading Company?

    Furry Gnome - Old ornaments are special, growing up we had a ton. And I love that you collect nutcrackers! We don't have any but I find them so fun.

    Tory - I love your traditions, they sound so fun! How nice of you guys to take in your neighbours kids for a bit, I'm sure they enjoyed spending Christmas eve with you guys. And stockings in mom & dad's bed before a delicious breakfast sounds delightful.

    Jackie - I think traditions are always a work in progress. Even Mom said that traditions evolve over time and go with the flow. So don't stress about not having many. I think your new socks for stockings each year is awesome and a great tradition!