Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Bed Frame

I'd like to just start this post by saying I have the best husband in the world. I realize that others may not agree with this statement but seriously, Dan wins some big brownie points for this project. As I shared in a blog post a few weeks back, I have a great vision for our master bedroom and it all started with a new bed frame. I wanted to build our own and Dan lovingly jumped on board. Here I am, just a few short weeks later, sharing this masterpiece.

You can be amazed now. My hubby's got skillz!

I kind of just want to show off all the after pictures and skip the blurry iPhone pics from the process of building but I know I should show you how it all came together. Like I said, it started with Pinterest when I came across these plans to build ourselves a bed. Dan liked that he could look at plans then tweak according to how he saw fit. We had to change the sizes of everything since our bed is a double and Dan changed up some other stuff, like using 4x4 cedar posts instead of the 2x4's they used. Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself.

To make the new bed look even better, here is what our old bed and bedding looked like.

Like I said, time for a change. So off to Home Depot we went!

We excitedly got most of the bed frame put together the first night and by the second night it was looking more like a bed.

But it was at this point that we hit a roadblock. Up until this point, we were using spruce boards we picked up at Home Depot but weren't able to find any 4x4 posts for the legs, since they seem to only sell them in cedar or pressure treated. We were worried about them being a different colour when we stained them if we didn't get them in spruce, but it turned out to be impossible to find them in anything other than cedar. So we picked the lightest ones we could find and hoped for the best!

Dan very carefully notched out space in the posts for the frame to fit into and it worked really well. It was time consuming, since we didn't have the proper tools but it turned out to be the perfect fit.

By the end of this night, things were looking better and better.

We basically lived in the garage for a week, even going as far as eating supper out there one night. Mia got pretty comfortable hanging out with us and she was almost always helpful in the way.

I'm sorry about the bad quality of all these garage pictures, my iPhone is old and takes crappy pictures, especially in the garage supposedly where it turns everything a lovely shade of yellow. But I figured you wouldn't mind since I'm sharing the building process with you.

Keep in mind while looking at all these pictures that Dan did 98% of the work. Basically my involvement included finding the plans, keeping Dan company while building and choosing the stain colour. It was still fun to "work" together on this project though and we are both feeling pretty proud of how well it turned out.

When we brought it into the house, we didn't have our new bedding yet and our duvet was getting dry cleaned, so we had to put an old comforter on it.

I like that picture though because it shows the size and shape of the bed frame nicely. We also bought Mia a new bed since her old one was so grungy and we thought it only fair that if we got a new bed, so should she.

Since the new frame doesn't work well with a bed skirt, we opted to cover the box spring with fabric. I picked out a fun blue colour that will match our future accent wall and we got to work covering it. It was pretty simple, since all we had to do was cut it into strips and then staple it to the box spring.

I am totally in love with the new bed and adore the colour of it. I'm also pretty fond of our new bedding, I think it goes well with the dark coloured stain.

Do you love it too?

The only problem is now I'm itching to change up the rest of the furniture. It just clashes with the beauty of the new bed. One step at a time.

Fine, I can't keep a secret. We're totally working on the new bedside tables right now! Hooray!

Anyone else building any thing of late? Or are we the only crazy people who do such a thing in December?


  1. Wow! That's beautiful! Great work you guys! :)

  2. It is just so gorgeous! Dan, you are one seriously talented man, and Jenn is so lucky to have you as her partner in her crazy schemes! ;-)

  3. it looks amazing!!!! Do you want to send Dan over to do some projects in my place?? :)

  4. Yes, your hubby is talented, and that's a great project! Though I expect you provided more encouragement (and maybe food?) than you give yourself credit for.

  5. The new bed frame looks awesome great job guys can't wait to see your next building projects

  6. holy impressive!!! that bed frame is gorgeous!! can't wait to see the progress and final products on the bed-side tables!!

  7. Jackie - Thanks! I'm pretty impressed with Dan's skills too.

    Tory - He says thanks! And it is pretty lucky for me to have him on board with all my plans and projects. :D

    Casey - He doesn't like traveling into the big city. ;)

    Furry Gnome - Thanks for trying to give me more credit. I guess I did hold the occasional board, screwed a few things together and helped stain. And I most definitely fed us!

    JennT - Thanks! You'll have to come over and see it in person some time. And I can't wait to show our next building projects!

    Kate - Thanks for the compliment! The bedside tables are coming together nicely, we'll probably finish them off this weekend.