Monday, January 26, 2015

Art Around the House

Hello readers! As some of you noticed, I took last week off from posting since I was exhausted, unmotivated and out of ideas. I needed a break and so I took it. But don't you worry, I am back this week with some fun posts lined up.

To start the week, I thought I would show off some of the art I have around the house. I am by no means an art connoisseur but I do enjoy my small bits of creativity that I have hanging up. I also thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the art since I've never done it before and you only get to see my decorations when they happen to sneak into a picture of a room or project I am photographing.

For starters, I will share my favourite painting in the house. It was a wedding gift from a friend of Dan's family and we actually got to choose it from a selection of 8 paintings or so. I love the colouring of it and how it looks fabulous in any lighting.

We also have a painting hanging above the piano that we bought in Jamaica in 2010. I like it because it reminds me of a fun trip we took together and the sky is also pretty spectacular.

Growing up, Dan had a dog named Ziggy and his sister Trish drew a beautiful picture of him. This is by far Dan's favourite piece of art work in the house.

Dan's other sister Sam is also very artistic and she lovingly painted these butterflies for us a few years ago. The three butterflies represent our first three babies.

By our side door, we have a cute little welcome sign that was made for us by a lady I used to babysit for. It reminds me of all the fun times I had babysitting her four children.

I'm also pretty in love with our bathroom art. Both of them were wedding gifts, one from my sister Cora and the other from my niece Eloise. The drawing by Eloise has been in every single bathroom we've had since we got married and I hope it stays that way forever.

And lastly, my laundry room art. That is where I hang my cross stitches that were made for me when I was little. I hope to eventually move them into a baby's room but for now I am happy with them hanging out with my washer and dryer.

So there you go, a small sampling of some of the things I have hanging around my house. I have much much more, since I hate to have an empty wall and I thrive off of hanging fun things up, but this is a good start to share with you.

Do you have much art in your house? Is it something you splurge on or do you make do with the small things like me?


  1. We do have some fun art in our place. No splurging though, mostly gifts from friends or photos we've taken. One of my favourites is the tulip painting in our bedroom. :)

  2. Jackie - I love your art in your place, especially all the nice photographs. I remember thinking how nice everything looked when we visited. :)

  3. We have a wall of artwork that comes from other countries, whether a gift (like the photo my aunt took in Budapest, the cross stitch from Bangladesh that one of my husband's students gave him, the Chinese painting a friend gave us) or things my husband bought on his trips to conferences (paintings from South Africa and Italy).

    We both have cross stitch pieces that were done for us as children, too, and they are hanging in our room along with the caricature that was done of the two of us at our senior prom.