Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Medicated Cycle #1

The blog is being a little neglected this week. I thought I would be able to keep up but this week is kicking my butt.

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to share with you guys when we started our first medicated cycle but then I decided that I may as well, I share everything else. Plus, I like to educate others by sharing my experience with infertility and I like to keep it real around here. And I also don't want you to think I'm a bad blogger. And I could totally use your prayers and good thoughts.

January 2nd marked the beginning of my cycle so I started the baby aspirin and called the clinic to set up my first monitoring appointment. We went in to Toronto on January 4th for our first round of blood work and ultrasound and to pick up our prescription for Letrozole.

Oh and did I mention we had a mini ice storm that day? The roads were really bad when we first left but improved the closer we got to Toronto. Good thing it was a Sunday and Dan could come with me, since I tend to get stressed driving in bad weather.

I took the Letrozole from days 3-7 and had minor side effects from it. The most prominent ones were hot flashes, a small amount of nausea and being slightly overly emotional. I didn't feel like myself and was happy to stop taking them by the time day 7 rolled around.

We headed back to downtown Toronto on day 9, which was January 10th, for our monitoring appointment. And that's what we have been doing every morning since. Dan was able to come with me on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday but I had to go alone today. I felt very brave tackling the GO train and subway all on my own, especially considering that public transit scares me to death. But I didn't get lost and I am proud of myself for doing it.

Can I just say that 4:00am is an ungodly hour? It is brutal getting up at that time multiple days in a row. Especially since the purpose of such early rising is to travel an hour and a half away (that's only if there is no traffic) and then be poked and prodded. Having blood taken and an internal ultrasound done every morning is not a pleasant way to start your day.

Oh and that above picture showing 3 degrees? It lies. I had been parked in the garage over night so it didn't register the real temperature yet. It really should have said -22 degrees. Ya, add the freezing cold temperatures to the early wake ups and you have got  yourself one grumpy girl.

So faithful readers, this is where we are at right now. In the midst of our first cycle and feeling very overwhelmed and over tired. I knew that the traveling and monitoring would be tough but I really had no idea how tough. Being in the midst of it sucks. It really really does. I so admire people who do fertility treatments and with how well they hold up during them.

I realize that I am very fortunate that Dan has been able to come with me to most of my appointments, having him there for moral support means so much to me. I am also so thankful for understanding family members who listen to me whine and cry over the phone, it helps to get out the emotions. And I am also very appreciative of wise friends who explain things to me and keep me sane while I try to deal with all the confusing jargon that comes from doctors and nurses.

So please, if you pray, can you pray for us? Pray for strength to get through the rest of this week while we continue to go in for daily for monitoring. Like I said, it is exhausting and I am feeling very discouraged. Pray that everything continues to look good and that this cycle continues to move forward successfully. And lastly, pray that it works. The whole purpose of this is to get pregnant and I am so scared that it won't actually happen. I keep telling myself that all of these early morning wake ups and travel and blood tests and ultrasounds and medication will be worth it in the end. But that is only if the end results in a baby. And I am terrified that it won't.

Mists on Lake Ontario
I'll probably be back later this week to tell you about my experience giving myself a shot in my stomach and to update you on our cycle and how many more days we had to go to Toronto for. I hope you don't mind all this infertility talk, but it's what we're living right now and I have no energy to focus on anything else.


  1. I'm praying for you guys! May God bless you with the emotional and physical strength you both need to endure this journey. May this cycle be successful. And may the Lord bless your womb with the gift of life. Amen!

  2. ooooooh good luck!!!!!! if youre ever in the city at a non-ungodly hour call me and I will give you good luck hugs in person!

  3. ungodly hour, inhuman temperatures! (inhumane?!)
    So many prayers for you guys that this cycle goes well and ends well - or better yet, DOESN'T end for another 8 months!!

  4. Artistmouse - Thank you for the prayers!

    Casey - Thanks for the offer to hug me in real life, but I'm rarely there at a normal time. But I will keep that in mind. :)

    Furry Gnome - Thank you.

    Kate - I appreciate the prayers and sympathy towards the ungodly hours and inhumane temperatures!

    Karen - Thank you!