Monday, January 12, 2015

New Office Area

As you may have been able to tell by now, when Dan and I get an idea for a new project in our heads, we tend to jump in with both feet and just do it. No waiting around or lengthy planning processes involved, just get er done. <---- That is Dan's redneck influence wearing off on me.

We live in a three bedroom house and for the past three years, we have had a master bedroom, an office and a guest room. The original plan was to turn the office into a nursery when we had a baby. Except the whole baby thing isn't really happening as quickly as we had once hoped so we weren't in any rush to convert the office over.

Well for the last couple of months, we have realized that our small desk just wasn't cutting it anymore and we needed something a little bigger to accommodate our growing business.

Isn't it beautiful? We are so happy with how it turned out and love how much room we have for everything now.

For those of you who haven't memorized our house layout and don't know what used to be there, let me remind you.

The air hockey table came with the house, I'm assuming because the old owners didn't want to move it. And while it has been fun to have when our nieces and nephew come for their yearly visit, it was taking up valuable space and went mostly unused. I finally convinced Dan that we should post it on Kijiji (kind of like Craigslist) and move our office down to the basement.

But we weren't in a rush. Our old desk was still working okay for us and we decided we would take our time. You know, sell the air hockey table first then shop around for a good price on a desk, etc. But alas, that is not how we do stuff. When shopping at Costco the end of December, we came across the perfect desk for a really good price. So we took home the information sheet, measured out our area, decided we could totally make it work and then returned and purchased the desk.

Before building it though, we wanted to make sure that the layout we had planned in our heads would actually work in our space. So we took the tops of the desks and laid them out on the floor until we were happy with the set up.

Once that step was finished, we got to work tearing up carpet and laying a new laminate floor. We originally planned to just buy one of those chair mats that you can get at an office supply store but once we priced them out, we decided that wasn't the way to go. Since our carpet in the basement is considered plush, we would have to buy a heavy duty mat and they cost approximately $140. We priced out laminate flooring that was on sale at Home Depot and it cost about $100. So the flooring won, especially since we knew it would look nicer too.

Doesn't it look nice? We later got transition strips to go along the edges but I didn't get a good finished picture of it, so you'll just have to trust me on that one. We put down the flooring in an afternoon and immediately wanted to get to work putting together the desk. Fortunately for us, the instructions were well written and it came together quickly. By the end of the first night, it was looking a lot more like an office!

The next day we got back to work on it and finished off the flooring (transition strips) and put together the rest of the desk. Weekend project, done.

We also bought a new chair since our old one was breaking and an extra filing cabinet for more space. Our office totally rocks now.

It feels like it was always there and we don't miss our old desk at all. We went from a small cramped space to a large beautiful office in one weekend.

We sold the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey light and our old desk within a few days of posting them on Kijiji but have yet to sell the air hockey table. So it's still in the basement, leaning against the wall, taking up space. If you know of anyone who wants one, let us know!

I now have a mostly empty room upstairs that has no immediate need. No nursery for us yet. Any of you have any ideas on what to do with the room? Other than storage that is.

What do you think of our new office? Do you like it? Do any of you need to have a dedicated office space for a home business? Or do most of you not even have an office?


  1. I tend to enjoy using my computer while watching TV and sitting by the big livingroom windows, so my "office space" would always be unused- so I turned it into a storage and crafts room! I know you like crafting, so that might be a good option?

  2. I love, love, love the new office! What a gorgeous final space, and I love how you used the laminate flooring to separate out the office from the rest of the room.

    I like Casey's idea of a crafting room for you--I bet Dan could make you some fabulous, custom storage shelves! ;-)

  3. Oooooh! What an awesome new office! So professional! :) No office at our house, just piles of paper on surfaces. :P I'm still voting for a games and puzzles room/lounge.

  4. It is gorgeous! Cannot wait to come see it in person and admire it.
    Also, a craft/yoga room. totally.

  5. We've got two offices, one for each of us, and they've been very makeshift since we retired and moved here 4 years ago. Mine especially is just a mess in a space too small! So we've finally started re-arranging the one, and planning for a new 2nd one in the basement. You're an inspiration, and it looks great!

  6. gorgeous new office!!! well done guys!

  7. Wow, wow, wow, wow! Lovely office dahlin! You sure did get 'er done!!