Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ten Things Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I don't really have any cool things to share with you guys. But since it is January, the month of new beginnings and fresh starts, I have so many random things going through my head! Which means I should probably share them with you, right? Right.

1) I have the sudden desire to go through my entire house and purge everything. And by that I really just mean the storage room and our bedroom, all the other rooms can stay as is. But the storage room and bedroom, they need a good cleaning out of junk. It's time.

2) As you may have read in my goals post, I want to read 30 books this year. Well so far I'm off to a great start, having already finished two by this point. Go me! But combined with my goal of 30 books, I'm also trying to work off a cool list I found on Pinterest, which encourages you to read a variety of books you may not have chosen yourself. I won't be sticking to this list like crazy or anything but I like it as a general guideline.
3) We've been doing some rearranging of furniture and rooms at our house and so now I am stuck with a completely empty room. And by empty I mean it has a futon and a dresser in it. I have no idea what to do with that room now. Ideally, I want it to eventually be a nursery but in the meantime? No clue. Any suggestions?

4) I'm still in my housecoat. That's how lazy I am starting off the new year. I don't even get dressed before 9:00am.

5) It is COLD here today and is supposed to be cold for the rest of the week. We finally got some snow after having a completely green and wet Christmas, so outside now looks a little nicer. Too bad it's too cold to enjoy it. It's like -12 Celsius (feels more like -17). I know it can still get worse but this feels brutal after being 2 degrees on Sunday.

6) I have been flossing my teeth almost every day for over two months now. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

7) We are going to see Josh Turner in concert on February 20th and I CAN'T WAIT! We rarely go to concerts so this is kind of a big deal for us.
Josh Turner
8) I really want to get back into the habit of blogging every day but I'm super struggling for topics. I feel like we aren't doing enough cool projects to share and then I feel bad for that. Which is stupid, because I know that you guys are just happy to read whatever I write. Mostly.

9) After going crazy knitting a ton of Christmas presents, I haven't picked up my needles and yarn in a month. I guess I need a bit of a break before diving headlong into my next knitting project.

10) I told myself that I would do better at cooking Dan and I good healthy meals come January. It's now almost a week in and I have yet to make a decent meal for us. Total fail on my part.

There you have it, my random thoughts on this cold Tuesday morning. What is everyone else up to?


  1. Appreciating some snow (finally in NJ!) this morning while at work! Also - I love the book list you found, I'm going to try to use it this year too!

  2. That book list is cool. I may have to add that to my reading goals for the year.