Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bedroom Makeover in Progress

The blog is lacking in posts this week because I've been pretty busy painting the bedroom and doing other life things while trying not to puke. The puking feeling is coming from my new medication I'm on, Metformin. Basically, it sucks. That's all you really have to know about it. Oh and that it's supposed to help me get pregnant. Who knows if it's actually working...

Back to the bedroom. We moved all our stuff (except for the bed frame because that has to be taken apart to get out) out of our bedroom and into the old office across the hall. We are now living in this lovely space.

And using the futon as our dresser.

It's a pretty cramped space but it works, especially since we know it's short term. Although Mia has discovered how fun it is to put her face between our heads and lick our ears, which is slightly annoying while being cute at the same time.

We moved everything out Sunday night so that I could start painting bright and early Monday morning.

I started with the accent wall and had to do three coats to finally get it looking good. I expected to do two but the third one was just plain frustrating. Since the wall is textured (see picture below), it was hard to get an even coat over it all.

The first coat looked terrible and I started to panic, but by the time the second one was on, I was starting to feel more confident. And after the third one? As good as it's going to get.

First coat

Second coat
The pictures don't really show the true colour of the wall, it's not quite as dark as it shows up on camera. But it's looking super awesome and I can't wait to get the other walls done and our furniture back in.

So forgive me while I busily work in our bedroom. I'll try and get some more posts up soon.


  1. I'm so sorry about the Met, Jennie--I hope it's working so the pain is all worth it!

    The bedroom wall looks so beautiful! I'm really impressed with your patience in doing that textured wall... that's detail-oriented work if I ever saw it.

  2. Tory - Thanks. This morning I actually thought I might puke. It sucks. As for the bedroom though, I'm so glad you like it! I'm really loving the colour and super pleased with our choice.

    Jackie - I knew you would. :P