Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Josh Turner Concert

We rarely go to concerts and we rarely plan things too far in advance, but last weekend was an exception.

Back in November we heard that Josh Turner was coming to Casino Rama in February and we decided we should buy tickets. We had no idea what our lives would look like come February or where we would be in our medicated cycles but we decided to bite the bullet and just book it in. We invited some friends to come with us and we looked into hotels near the casino, since it was 2 hours away from us and we knew we wouldn't want to make the drive back afterwards.

It was a quick trip away, seeing as we were gone for less than 24 hours, but it was so much fun and just what we needed to help distract us.

Josh Turner was amazing in concert and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Well, except for the obnoxiously annoying people behind us who kicked our seats and talked loudly the entire time.

We had amazing seats, only 10 rows from the stage, so we could enjoy the show without staring at the giant screens the whole time. Go me for snagging good seats early!

We have decided that concerts are a ton of fun and we really should try and get out to more of them. We've only been to a handful in our lives and that just isn't enough.

What about you? Do you go to concerts often? Or do you prefer to listen to music in the comfort of your own home or car.


  1. Car music is good, but concerts are pretty awesome!

  2. We should make a goal to go to Boots and Hearts one year.

  3. those are some awesome seats!!