Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Medicated Cycle #2 - IUI

Since our first medicated cycle didn't work, we moved on to something new this month. Originally, our doctor told us that we would try two cycles with medication and timed intercourse and then regroup but he felt that after the first one, it would be best to move on to intrauterine insemination (IUI). So that is what we did this month.

First, he changed up my meds a bit. I stayed on the Letrozole but he lowered my dose by half and he added in Metformin. I, of course, am still taking the baby aspirin and prenatal vitamin daily.

Let me just take a moment to whine about the Metformin. Basically, it makes me feel super nauseated. I started on one pill a day and every week I have to up it until I'm taking three a day. Each time I up my dosage, I feel super sick for at least one full day. And then all the other days I feel sick on and off. It totally sucks and I whine a lot when I feel sick. Okay, I'm done ranting about the Metformin.

Weirdly enough, I responded well to the medication and I had a good sized follicle when I went in for my day 10 monitoring appointment. I was expecting to go in for at least three days before they told us to trigger but it ended up being immediate. So Friday night I once again gave myself a shot in the stomach.

As a reminder, the shot is Ovidrel and it triggers ovulation. Which means that I am supposed to release an egg within 36 hours of giving myself the shot.

So Saturday morning bright and early, we headed back to Toronto for more monitoring and then our first IUI!

I felt crazy sick (thanks Metformin) and it was bitterly cold, but we made it there in one piece. We had to stop and get gas on the way and we chuckled at the screw up on their sign. Too bad gas wasn't really that cheap.

In case you can't actually read the sign, it says gas is 001.9/litre.

I got bloods and ultrasound done, Dan gave his sample and then we had to wait for 2+ hours until our IUI. Nothing is really open that early in Toronto on a weekend and we didn't want to lose our parking spot, so we slept for a bit in the truck and then waited the rest of the time in the clinic's waiting room. At least they had free WiFi.

While waiting in the truck though, I spotted these bags of bread sitting outside a restaurant and I was really tempted to steal some. I didn't of course, but still, they made me chuckle.

Our IUI was scheduled for 10:00am but we didn't get into the room until after 11:00am. Waiting around sucks, especially when you're feeling sick. 

We finally got called back and then had to wait in the room for another 20 minutes or so. Making a baby is super romantic when you struggle with infertility.

Oh and did I mention that this was Valentine's Day? Ya, we know how to do that day well.

I tried to make the day a little better by wearing a pink shirt and heart earrings, but it was still probably the most unromantic Valentine's Day we've ever had. Oh well. If this cycle works, we can say we made a baby on Valentine's Day!

I wore a lucky charm for the first IUI, a lucky little pig that my friend Tory gave me. I don't really believe in lucky charms but it was still fun to have it in there and remind me that others were cheering us on.

The first IUI went well and both Dan and my results looked good. We headed home to rest up and before heading back the next day. I snapped this picture of us when we got home, after our first IUI.

The next day (Sunday) we headed back to do the process all over again. It once again went well and all of our numbers looked good moving forward. I also didn't feel as sick this day, which was a nice change from the day before. Our clinic believes in doing two back-to-back IUI's in order to give us the best chance at getting pregnant that cycle.

The above picture is right before our second IUI.

So that is where we are at in our infertility journey. It has definitely been a learning experience for us as we step into the world of medicated cycles and IUI's. Most of the time I feel overwhelmed by all the information.

Please think of us as we wait for the results from this cycle and find out if it worked or not. We aren't quite sure how to feel, since optimism is hard at this point. We appreciate all the support and love we have received so far from family and friends, so thank you to everyone who has been there for us.


  1. You don't know me Jennie, but once again I'm thinking of you and Dan on your journey.

  2. Dan's beard is getting pretty wild! Thanks for taking and sharing pictures. Thinking and praying for you guys. Hugs!

  3. Casey - Keep them crossed for 2 weeks okay? ;)

    purpleivy - Thank you, I appreciate the thoughts.

    Jackie - I know! He's delighting in his fluffy beard and is constantly obsessing over it. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it.

    Mrs. Lopez - Thanks!

  4. So many prayers coming to you and Dan! ♡

  5. will be thinking of you guys over the next week or so! Praying for this cycle to be The Cycle!

  6. Hope for a positive outcome for you folks!
    This is the winter for beards isn't it? My BIL is growing a huge momma jamma too, haha.

  7. Maddie - Thank you so much!

    Kate - I appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

    Karen - Thanks! And this is the first winter Dan has decided to grow a beard and he's totally in love with it. He says it's a new tradition. :P