Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dryer Balls

For many years I used Bounce dryer sheets in my dryer to help counteract all the static electricity amongst the clothes. About a year ago though, I decided that there must be a better (and less wasteful) way, so I made the commitment to not buy any more dryer sheets once the box I was using was empty.

Well the box emptied and I didn't do any research on natural and environmentally friendly options to help combat the static. Instead, we had crazy static clothes for 6 months until Dan told me I had to do something about it. He was sick of his hair going flat to his forehead every time he put on a shirt.

So about a month ago, I womaned up and hopped on to Pinterest to find a solution to our problems. The answer? Dryer balls.

I found lots of tutorials on how to make them but I chose to follow the instructions from DIY Natural and am pleased with how they turned out.

First of all, I bought some 100% wool yarn from Michaels. I tried two different kinds and found that the Roving one worked best.

It was thicker and "hairier" so it felted better once it was heated. It also made two nice sized balls instead of small ones like the Worsted did.

Once I had made six balls, I shoved them all into a nylon and tied off between the balls, before throwing them into the wash and then the dryer.

I did the wash/dry thing twice before I was happy with their felted quality. I popped them out of their nylon caterpillar and then put them into a pretty dish to display.

I've been using them for about a month now and they have most definitely helped with the static problem. They are also supposed to soften the clothes and lower the drying time but I haven't noticed a huge difference in that area yet. Then again, I may just be slow.

Oh and I should mention that if you prefer some nicely scented fresh laundry, you can put a couple drops of essential oils into your dryer balls. I didn't because I don't really care for scented laundry, unless it's the fresh scent from being hung outdoors.

Anyone else ever try any alternatives to the classic store bought dryer sheet?


  1. Awesome! I should do this too. How many do you put in a load?

  2. I bought some plastic dryer balls at the grocery store, but after three years, they're starting to fall apart. I'm going to have to try making my own.