Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Simple Pleasures - April 2015

It has been forever since I've done a simple pleasures post, so I figured it was high time I shared some things that were getting me smiling this week. Spring is my favourite season because I love all the new growth and the warmth and the happiness that comes after a long cold winter.

Our rhubarb is growing so fast!

Day old chicks have arrived

Mia, the ever faithful dog

We have about 6 onions that are growing in the garden from last year

Our hoya is going to flower again!

Received Fresh Eggs Daily as a birthday present
Now it's your turn. What has been making you smile?


  1. Ha Warmth after the long winter. I will agree, best time of the year! Your rhubarb is that high already? Mine is just popping some red tips.Still snow in the woods. But the sun is hopeful. My chicks come in June after any cold spell is over. I adore yours though. What type?

  2. Spring always makes me smile, too. :)

  3. Fun pics! I am smiling that my chives I planted 4 years ago keep coming back and are actually thriving nicely. :)