Thursday, May 7, 2015

Belated Birthday Recap

So this post is late, a month late if we are going to be exact. I was totally meaning to write it sooner but things came up and I kept putting it off and all of a sudden it's May 7th and I've already been 26 for a month.

While I realize that a recap of my birthday isn't that exciting for everyone, I really enjoy being able to look back at previous years and see what I did that day. So this post is mostly for me. And for anyone else who wondered about my lack of birthday post.

The day obviously started with breakfast in bed, made by my loving husband. He toasted me some waffles and gave me a super sweet card. I love starting my birthday off with breakfast in bed.

He eventually had to leave for work so I just puttered around the house tidying up while taking many breaks to read Facebook messages and receive phone calls celebrating me. By 10am though, I was quite concerned that my Mom hadn't called to wish me a happy birthday so I finally broke down and called her. She hadn't forgotten, she had just had a really rough night sleep-wise and was sleeping in. She didn't mind being woken up by her favourite youngest daughter though and we chatted for an hour while looking through my baby photo album over the phone. I had the album, she just remembered all the pictures so it was like we were looking at it together.

After lunch I made myself chocolate cupcakes with seven minute frosting (recipe here) and ate a few while watching Friends and waiting for Dan to get home.

He came home early from work and brought my gift with him!

We love games in this house so it was pretty fun to receive a new one! We agreed to play it that night but first we had to go out and enjoy the beautiful sunshiny weather we were getting.

We headed out geocaching and snapped some lovely photos along the way.

Once the sun had started to set and we were too hungry to go on, we returned home where Dan made me pesto chicken pasta. We spent the evening eating cupcakes, playing crokinole and watching Friends.

It was a pretty perfect day of relaxing and spending time with my favourite guy. Nice and low key, my idea of a perfect birthday.


  1. Oh man I had that game growing up, but I didnt know what it was called!

  2. I was just thinking this morning that it has already been a month since your birthday! My how time flies...:)

  3. You're such a baby! ;) I don't mean that in a bad way. For some reason, I just assumed we were the same age.

    It sounds like an awesome birthday.