Tuesday, May 5, 2015

LASIK Update

I figured it was high time for an update on how my eyes are doing after having the LASIK surgery done to correct my vision. I wrote the original post back at the beginning of April, so if you would like to read that one again (or just see some pictures of me wearing glasses), click here.

A little less than a week after the surgery, my eyes were so incredibly dry and painful that I found it hard making it through a whole day. By mid-afternoon, all I wanted to do was curl up in a dark room with my eyes closed. All this pain and sorrow was caused by extremely dry eyes. No one had really warned me as to how bad dry eyes actually feel so I wasn't prepared for it when it happened. Fortunately for me, I have some friends who had this same surgery done 2 years ago and they were able to guide me towards better drops and some tips on how to manage the dryness. With the blessing of the LASIK staff, I went out and purchased Refresh Endura drops and Refresh Lacri-lube.

These two things were absolute life eye savers. Once I started using the Endura drops during the day and putting the Lacri-lube in at night, my dryness was immediately improved and I could function normally again. I still had to be faithful at putting the drops in during the day but at least they gave me temporary relief and were helping with the overall happiness of my eyes.

I am still having to put the Lacri-lube in at night but I have moved from the Endura drops to just the normal Tears drops and that seems to be keeping things good for now.

Other than the initial (and ongoing) dryness, I haven't really had any other complaints since the surgery, so that's good! I have been super enjoying my new eyesight and not having to wear glasses. It feels like second nature now and I barely notice the lack of glasses. Although I do still occasionally go to take them off at night before realizing nothing is on my face.

A little over a month in and I am happy with my decision to have LASIK done. I have 20/20 vision again and my eyes are looking good!


  1. Look at those awesome sunglasses!! :)

  2. Happy to hear that your eyes are doing better! I am going in this Friday for the same procedure.