Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Growing Wednesday

It's that time of the year again! When the weather is warmer and things start to grow and I become all delighted and share pictures with you weekly. Although depending on how things grow, I might skip a few weeks at the beginning here, so as not to bore you too much.

Last week and weekend were very productive in the planting department around our household and our yard is looking so much nicer thanks to it. My mom visited last week and she lovingly bought some flowers (and a pitchfork) for us. Isn't she the best?

Of course the day after we planted all these fabulous petunias, we had a frost. But never fear, I took care of them all and brought some in and then covered the rest. I didn't lose any, thank goodness.

She also bought me some herbs so that I could get my herb garden started. I took out one of my flower gardens for this purpose and Dan helped me border it with nice stones. We also planted some seeds so while we're waiting for those to grow, it's looking a little empty.

Since we were on a roll with the planting, we planted our vegetable garden too. I can't wait for little plants to start popping up so that it looks less like a giant dirt garden and more like food.

Our hanging herb garden is doing well too, considering I brought them in and overwintered them. I'm not sure if they will last the whole summer but for now they are good.

Rhubarb is producing well and I have been picking it for a couple weeks now. I'm also pretty excited about all the blossoms on our blueberry plants.

Basically, everything is looking great and giving me so much joy. But the thing that has given me the most pleasure over the last month? My new and improved flower gardens!

I really really really wish I had been smart enough to take before pictures, since they looked like crazy wild jungles before I attacked them. You can't really appreciate how good they look now, without seeing how bad they looked before. But I know and because of that, I am totally in love with them. They make such a huge difference in the appearance of the house.

As a bit of a sample of my crazy flower gardens, here is the last remaining garden that needs dealing with. It's getting a little late in the year so I'm thinking that it will be a job for next spring.

Ya I know, it's mostly weeds with some flowers thrown into the mix. Like I said, crazy jungle flower gardens.

So there you have it, a small sample of what's growing around here and how lovely and green everything is. I love this time of year so much!

Anyone else planting anything lately? Whether it be flowers or herbs or veggies?


  1. Yay!! They look gorgeous! I am so glad that they all came back up! I was not concerned at all!! 😊. Awesome job!

  2. I love your gardens! Lots of hosta's and sedum's. They look great.

  3. Fabulous looking flower gardens. I have random herbs planted and recently put in 4 tomato plants that Amy brought me. We'll see if anything really survives though!

  4. I love your gardens and I'm so jealous. I can't keep anything alive at all. Well, I have a spider plant, but I honestly don't know how it's still going considering I don't remember to water it more than once a month or so.

  5. I'm still working on keeping my one home plant and several work plants alive, but your gardens look amazing!! Also, such a blessing to have your wonderful Mom come to visit!