Monday, June 29, 2015

New Dresser!

So remember how we have been building our own bedroom furniture? We started with the bed and are totally in love with how it turned out. Then we moved on to the side tables and were thrilled with how they tied into the bed, while adding a level of brightness to the room with the white paint. Next up, the dresser! Except for this one didn't go quite as quickly as the previous items of furniture. As in, we were living with this dresser set up for quite some time. Even after the room was finished being painted and we moved the bed back in, our clothes stayed in the other room on the futon for 3 more months. Talk about inconvenient.

We finally finished the dresser the beginning of June and have been enjoying it ever since.

Our problem with the dresser came from not having much time to work on it. Whenever I say "we" worked on the dresser or "we" made the furniture, I'm really saying Dan. He was the brains behind the operation and he did 99.9% of the work as well. He has been crazy busy with work the last 6 months so he didn't have a lot of free time to spend on the dresser. But slowly, very slowly, it came together. (Excuse the crappy iPhone pics)

We didn't realize how incredibly huge it was until we maneuvered it into our bedroom. And then the real size hit us. IT IS HUGE! But there was nothing we could do about it at this point, unless we wanted to start over again, which we didn't. So we just have a huge dresser.

I did help considerably with the painting, which was my contribution to the project. And I kept him company while building the rest of it. That is why I still feel comfortable saying "we" built it.

The drawers are huge and fit all of our clothing easily. With our old set, we used two dressers to fit all of our clothes but were hoping to go down to one dresser with this new set. The plan was to get rid of clothes but instead, we just built a bigger dresser. I still want to go through everything though and minimize.

We used these plans for the Madison Dresser from Ana White's blog and then tweaked them to suit us. That's the way we like to roll, use plans for guidelines only.

The bedroom is really coming together and I love the flow of the furniture with the colours of the wall and bedspread. Basically, I'm totally in love with how things are looking so far. We are still a little ways from completion but we are making good and steady progress. Next up, some decorating!

What do you think of our dresser? Do you love it?


  1. Your dresser is beautiful! It looks great in your bedroom. It is so satisfying to build things yourself. Right now Chuck is redoing our powder room, although he could probably use Dans help right now with the plumbing!

  2. Totally awesome and probably worth the wait! :)

  3. Ah, the old royal 'We', I run into it regularly! Great piece of furniture to build; well done!