Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's Growing Wednesday

Haha, remember how these posts were supposed to be a weekly series? So much for that idea! Last time I posted about my gardens was the end of May. Oops!

Well here is a quick update for you guys, with a few pictures that I got Dan to snap last night before our supper company arrived.

I am so proud of myself because as of last night, the entire garden is weeded! All at once!

Everything is doing well and we are starting to get veggies from it regularly. We've been picking tomatoes, spinach and beans for a few weeks now and yesterday we got some carrots for the first time.

The beets are ready to eat but we haven't gotten around to them yet and I'm pretty sure that if we dug up some potatoes, we could have a small meal of them.

I love this time of year and I love how alive and happy the garden looks. Vegetable gardening makes me happy. Oh and so do chickens.

If you garden, how is yours doing?


  1. your garden's GORGEOUS! (we only have kale. and one pepper so far. lol)
    good to "see" you again!!

  2. Awesome garden Jennie! My tomato plants are starting to produce. :)

  3. Your garden looks fantastic! No garden this year as we have just recently moved into a new home. Next year!

  4. I'm afraid that our garden is rather sad this year. The groundhogs, deer and/or rabbits have destroyed most of it. We do have tomatoes, zucchini and some beans that we carefully fenced. Mind you the garlic harvest has been amazing and substantial!