Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Day in the Life 2015

It's time for my yearly day in the life post! I started this in 2013 and enjoyed it so much that I decided it would be a tradition, although to be honest I nearly forgot this year. If you want to read past years, click here or here.

I chose Tuesday of this week to be my day to document, but halfway through I hit a roadblock and felt completely overwhelmed with life and everything that has been going on. So please remember that I am real and emotional and totally not perfect and my days are sometimes full of knitting.

The alarm rings at 6:30am but we ignore it for a bit. Dan finally gets up since he has to head to work and I roll over and go back to sleep. Yup, I'm a super supportive wife when I'm tired. I at least kiss him goodbye. I finally roll out of bed after 7:30.

I roll towards the window, since that is my side of the bed, and I am delighted to see that it has snowed overnight. I happily gaze through my plants to the yard and enjoy the slivers of sun peering through the trees. What a nice view, I sure am going to miss it.

I head out to the kitchen where I enjoy my breakfast of toast with peanut butter and homemade applesauce from my mom. So good. I then give Mia some morning snuggles, because we love each other.

After breakfast and snuggles, I hit the shower and get dressed. This always helps me have a more productive day. Or at least I like to think so.

I head out to my living room to try and tackle the mess but change my mind. It's too overwhelming at the moment so I skip it and head to the basement for some blogging.

Once I decide I've spent enough time on the computer, I head back upstairs to clean up the kitchen. I want to get some packing done in there today but need to clean off the counters first.

After cleaning the kitchen I stop for a snack before starting the packing. I have some leftover pancakes but forget to take a picture of them. So you get a photo of an empty plate instead.

Once I have some food in my belly, I move on to packing. There is so much stuff in my kitchen.

I make good progress but after four boxes, realize I am out of boxes. Well so much for getting most of the kitchen packed.

I check the time and get discouraged, I haven't filled enough of the day yet and I'm running out of things to do.

I decide to knit for a while and call my mom.

I talk for 45 minutes before deciding I need to get off and find some lunch. I choose spaghetti and wolf down most of the bowl before remembering I'm supposed to be photographing my day. Oops.

After my lunch I feel sadder and more overwhelmed. I vote for more knitting.

Still feeling sad. Dramatically lie on the bed.

It doesn't help and my dog is even getting bored with me.

I get over myself (sort of) and change the sheets and make my bed. It helps me feel a little better so I move on to organizing the piles all over the livingroom and packing one more box I unearthed in the organizing.

Since I'm still feeling discouraged, I vote for some more knitting before starting supper. It's also at this point that I forget about my photo log of the day and don't take any more pictures. Like I said, the day turned out a little rough emotionally.

I make stir fry for supper, Dan and I watch some Big Bang, and then I head out to Knit Night (a girls night of knitting and food and chatting, it's awesome). When I get back, we watch some more Big Bang and then head to bed by 10:30pm.

There you have it folks, a day in the life of me. Until next year!


  1. I do enjoy your day in the life blog posts! And um impressed with the number of photos you did get. I think I would've forgotten many more times! (you know me!)
    oh, and I wish I had some of mom's applesauce! Remember when we used to have it as appleslush?

    1. Don't you enjoy every one of my posts? But I am glad you like these ones in particular, they are kind of fun. And I agree, you would have forgotten many more times than me. ;)

      And Mom's applesauce is the best. She brought me three jars when she came for wallow week and they are all gone. Delicious!